Wildly roaring making their way through rugged typography, they gush downwards leaving behind clouds of mist in the air. Waterfalls have something extremely rare. You will never know until you go, yes you heard that right! Couples who crave adventurous weekends can lace up their trekking shoes to experience a few terrific waterfall hikes in South India.  

Plunge into the lap of mother nature and make your way to a verdant landscape. South India speckled with stunning hiking destinations and resplendent waterfalls is sure to promise you adrenaline-pumping waterfall hikes.  What else do you need on a weekend? Pick on this adventurous activity and add to your to-do list a few of the most fascinating waterfall hikes you must head over to in South India.

Athirappilly, Kerala

Falling from a height of 80 ft off the Anamudi mountains the trail leading to Athirappilly is truly engaging. Famed as the Niagara Falls of India and the biggest waterfall in Kerala, the gleaming Athirappilly waterfall is a tre

at to adventure junkies. Situated 70 km from Kochi and 100 km from Munnar, the waterfall is set 1000 ft. above sea level. Hold your breath as you tread the well-paved trek route taking you past the thick wilderness of the Athirappilly forest, home to tigers, leopards, and Asiatic elephants. Cross rocky pathways and hear the monkeys whoop and the birds chirp from directions unknown. If you are on the lookout for waterfall hikes for beginners, look no further, as this 20-minute hike is just the right pick. 

Talakona, Andhra Pradesh

Watch the jaw-dropping sight of water roar down into a valley from a height of 270 ft. from a cliff surrounded by dense forest. A part of the Sri Venkateswara National Park in Chittoor, Talakona waterfall is the largest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. Set around 241 kilometers from Bengaluru, 192 kilometers from Chennai, and 569 kilometers from Hyderabad, it is a much-loved weekend destination. Set off for a 2 km trek that begins from the Siddeswara Swamy temple. Face the precarious 40 ft high canopy rope walk branching out to trek routes varying in levels of difficulty. It will take you around 30 minutes to 8 hours depending upon the route you choose. Going by the local stories it is said that the water of Talakona possesses healing properties due to the presence of diverse medicinal herbs in the region. If you yearn to immerse in the beauty of nature, waterfall hikes to Talakona is a great choice.

Athirappilly, Kerala Talakona, Andhra Pradesh

Thalaiyar, Tamil Nadu

Look up, the water seems to fall right from the sky, Thalaiyar is sure to mystify you with its spectacular beauty. The tallest waterfall in Tamil Nadu and the third-largest in the country, it falls from a whopping height of 975 ft. Popularly known as Rat Tail Falls, its slender slivery appearance has gotten it, this name. Almost 40 km from Kodaikanal, there is no direct way to the falls. Tip-off for a trek from the Manjalar dam. Walk past potato fields and enchanting mango orchards until you reach the Kamakshi shrine. Test your mettle as you head forward on a tricky path featuring large boulders making it tough for you to trek. Challenging yet rewarding, the trail leading you to the bottom of this enchanting fall, opens up to mesmeric views. Put your stamina to trial head over for waterfall hikes to Thalaiyar Falls. 

Kiliyur, Tamil Nadu

Land up at this blissful heaven, discovering Kiliyur will seem like finding a hidden gem in the depths of sheer wilderness. Nestled in the Servaroyan hill range, it falls from a height of 300 ft. into the lush green valley. The 2 km hike to this bewitching spot isn’t easy as it involves navigating through slimy paths, uneven rocks, and muddy trails. Follow the twist and turns clinging to things that you find sturdy on your way. Finish the last leg of the trek, which spans around 500 meters, by climbing a host of steps. Waterfall hikes like these are sure to fulfill the long-lost dreams of adventure freaks. 

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Magod, Karnataka

Rub your eyes in disbelief as you witness awe-striking views of the wild and whacky Magod Falls dance its way through the deep forest falling from a height of 650 ft. A fascinating trek, it takes one through the semi-evergreen woods that might offer you a golden chance to spot out a porcupine scurrying into a bush or a spotted deer galloping in some direction after hearing your footsteps. On reaching the base, catch glimpses of the indefinable gorgeousness around and find yourself engulfed in cold water droplets. If we talk about a waterfall to visit in South India, a trip to the Magod Falls is one thing you shouldn’t miss. 

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Thalaiyar, Tamil Nadu Kiliyur, Tamil Nadu

Meenmutty, Kerala 

Make your heart skip a beat as you stand face to face with this natural wonder offering you a wave of goosebumps. Graciously falling from a height of 1000 ft. in three stages, Meenmutty is about 29 km away from Kalpetta in Wayanad. To reach each deck of this waterfall, one has to cover separate arduous treks through the jungle. Counted as one among the offbeat waterfall hikes in South India, this one is sure to rid you from the maddening crowd and soothe your senses for a while.

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Magod, Karnataka Meenmutty, Kerala

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