Who doesn’t love exploring new places and new things? Pack your woollies and get your winter gear ready. A winter vacation with your family is always exciting. The novelty of the weather, exploring the snow-capped landscape and doing fun activities in the snow, is an experience your whole family can share and cherish.

Winter destinations offer thrilling activities for everyone in the family, from snowboarding, skiing, zip lining, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, village tours to camping outdoors. In India, there are several winter destination to explore, from Kullu, Manali and Shimla in Himachal Pradesh to Mussoorie and Binsar Valley in Uttarakhand. Planning a vacation in Club Mahindra resorts in these winter destinations is one of the perfect ways to bond with your family.

While a family holiday to snow-capped destinations is fun, it calls for a different type of preparation. Winter as a season is not forgiving and to enjoy the crisp weather, everyone must be prepared.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay prepared to enjoy your winter holiday:

  • The right clothes

  • All the lotions

  • Protective footwear

  • Protective gear

  • A medicine kit

  • Chargers and batteries

  • Camera

  • Activities for kids

  • Snacks on the go

  • A pre-planned itinerary

1. The right clothes

The first and foremost item on your list should be what type of clothes to carry. It is imperative that you carry layers. That should include a set of thermal innerwear, a second layer of t-shirts, tops and pants, and a third layer consisting of one or two jackets.

2. All the lotions

old weather means lots of dry skin! Make sure you pack your favourite moisturizing lotion. Sunscreen is also an important, especially for children. The sun can be quite harsh, even in cold weather, and sunburn is the last thing you want while on a vacation.

3. Protective footwear

Going out in the snow on your vacation? While your flip-flops may be suitable on the beach, boots, closed toed shoes or protective footwear is necessary for cold weather. If you need specialised footwear for walking in the snow, you could consider renting them from the resort.

4. Protective gear

Hats, scarves, polarised sunglasses and gloves are compulsory for each member of your family. A scarf can provide extra warmth, while the gloves will keep the accidental frostbite at bay. Hats and caps are necessary to protect your head and ears, especially if your jacket does not have a hood.

5. A medicine kit

While a medicine kit is always necessary while on a family vacation, it is absolutely essential on a winter holiday. This is because everyone is more susceptible to catching a cold or a fever due to the cold weather. Band-Aids, antiseptic creams, and medication for common illnesses are a few things in your medicine kit that would come in handy anywhere, anytime.

6. Chargers and batteries

With smartphones are a permanent fixture in our lives, so are phone chargers. Carry your portable chargers and keep them charged at all times. If you are venturing out in the cold, you definitely don’t want to be stuck without a phone anywhere.

7. Camera

Cameras might function slightly differently in cold weather. You might need to give both your camera and the battery enough time to defrost before going out. Make sure you have backup batteries and that you clean your camera thoroughly to get rid of spots on the lens due to rain or snow.

8. Activities for kids

While travelling to winter destinations for a family vacation, there is always the possibility of inclement weather. In such cases, indoor activities for kids can help pass the day. The Club Mahindra winter resorts have ‘Fun Zones’ which offer kids a range of fun activities. From board games, indoor sports to creative activities such as colouring, drawing, pottery, and puppet making, you can spend quality time with your children. When the weather is suitable, the resort also arranges for many outdoor activities for children, from sledging, tubing, snowboarding and skiing, to make your winter vacation memorable.

9. Snacks on the go

Wintertime is when we are hungry the most and crave for snacks, especially when on a holiday. When children get bored or anxious on a holiday, snacks are the perfect way to keep them busy. Some parents prefer to take mini packs of their children’s’ favourite snacks on a family holiday. You can either buy mini packs or ask the resort to prepare for a pre-packed snack.

10. A pre-planned itinerary

While it may be fun to spontaneously explore a destination outdoors while the weather is pleasant, in cold weather, it is advisable to have a pre-planned itinerary. Whether you plan to venture out for some outdoor activities, relax at a place for a few hours or if you plan to take a village tour, a planned schedule can help you reduce time spent waiting in the cold deciding what to do during your family holiday

If you are up for an adventure with your family, get ready to have some fun and plan a family holiday to a winter destination. Make sure you pack right and pack smart for everyone in the family. Enjoy a hassle-free, family vacation and share memorable experiences in a winter destination.

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