Monsoon is one of the best seasons in India that highlights the natural beauty of our surroundings. Grey clouds looming over lush greenery, the cold misty air, gurgling waterfalls, and freshness everywhere–that’s what monsoons are all about! Many people choose to travel in monsoon to witness the beauty of nature during this season. Nature is at its finest during this season. But as exciting as it can be to travel in monsoon, it is equally challenging. Be prepared to face the monsoons head-on and have a great trip.

So, here are some monsoon travel tips that will come in handy if you’re planning a trip anytime soon:


Always check the weather forecast 

Although planning a trip during the monsoons can be exciting, it can also be dangerous if not done right. The mountain terrains could get heavy rain with chances of cloud bursts and thunderstorms. So, always check the weather forecast to know what to expect. On days of heavy rains, you can plan some indoor activities and step out once the rains have settled down a little.

Carry waterproof shoes and light clothing

No matter how well you plan, you will get drenched in the monsoons during your trip. Carry light material clothing like synthetic. It is an easy breathable fabric and also dries quickly. So, if you do get wet in the rains, you will dry off quickly and won’t catch a cold. Always carry a pair of comfortable waterproof shoes when in the monsoon. If you plan to go on treks or take a walk, waterproof shoes will be your saviour.

Carry a raincoat and umbrella

Make sure you carry a raincoat and a foldable umbrella in your bag. It won’t take up much space in your luggage and will be the two most used items during the trip. Always carry your raincoat or umbrella even if you’re not planning to go too far from your hotel room. The rains can be very unpredictable. It is always good to be prepared.

Don’t forget mosquito repellents and first aid 

Monsoon is the time when mosquitoes are out and about. They breed on stagnant water, and in low-lying areas, there might be a mosquito problem. Many diseases spread through these mosquitoes. Always carry mosquito repellant creams or patches to ensure you don’t get bitten. Also, monsoons are the time when a lot of people get sick. Always take a basic first aid kit in times of emergencies.

Avoid eating and drinking at unreliable sources

Monsoons are the time when a lot of waterborne diseases spread. To avoid getting sick, don’t drink water from unreliable sources or even eat street food. Carry your own water or buy packaged drinking water. Avoid eating street food during the monsoons as uncovered food is more likely to get contaminated during the rains.

Carry waterproof covers for your devices

Our devices are important. Especially our phones and cameras that record our journey and help us make memories. Make sure you carry covers for all your devices to protect them from the rains. After all, you don’t want your memories to be washed away by the rains!

Monsoon is a beautiful season when the natural beauty of some of the most beautiful places gets even more glorified. Travel in monsoon will let you see a side of these places which are raw, unexplored, and simply beautiful. Plan a monsoon trip but make sure you keep these travelling tips handy for a safe and happy trip!


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