The time spent catching up with friends and family, and enjoying long laughs is the most wonderful time. But, such get-togethers are best enjoyed on vacations. You enjoy all the delights of holidays with your family members when you travel. But you can also holiday with your partner alone. And you must know that senior citizen travel demands careful planning.

Travel means lines, crowds, potential delays and many other such nerve-wracking moments. Such things can make holiday stressful, especially for senior citizens. Eliminate stress associated with travel with these senior citizen holiday travel tips.

The 7 Senior Citizen Holiday Tips

1) Visit your doctor: Schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor before going on a long trip. You need a go-ahead from your doctor that you are well enough to travel, especially when you have coronary heart disease, hypertension, or chronic conditions. Make sure your medications are enough to last for the whole trip plus a few extra days.

2)Consider taking travel insurance: A travel insurance plan protects from certain travel related financial risks. It also protects against losses like last-minute trip cancellations, overseas medical emergency, or delayed luggage. Make sure your pre-existing conditions are covered under the travel insurance you take.

3)Book non-stop flights: Avoid connecting flights and try to go for non-stop flights when you are travelling. This one tip will save you a lot of hassle and trouble.

4)Consult a senior citizen travel agent: If you are using a travel agent’s services, find someone who specialises in senior citizen travel. She’ll understand you well.

5)Packing tips: Your medications must be with you at all times. Do not put them in a checked bag. Weigh checked bags beforehand to ensure you are under the weight limits. Bring your snacks and water bottle on the plane, especially when you have special dietary needs. Wear comfortable flats and shoes that provide support and keep you balanced.

6)Watch what you eat: Senior citizens tend to have sensitive stomachs or have restricted diets. The food at the resort you travel to can be tempting. You must avoid spicy, heavy, greasy and cheesy food that is known to cause problems. Avoid any foods that may have interactions with the medicines you take.

7)Take minimum valuables: As a senior citizen traveller, you can afford things you might not have been able to when younger. But carrying expensive items like gold watches, jewellery, and fancy cameras makes you an easy target for thieves. Senior citizens are more unsteady on their feet, less aware of their surroundings, and all-around easier targets. The same logic applies to carrying cash as well. Seniors are more likely to carry more money, and more expensive jewellery & watch around than younger travellers. Take minimum valuables with you on your trip.

Thus, senior citizen travel has to be intricately planned. You need to rethink any stuff you might need during your holiday duration. It is good to have a known person at the place you are going, who can help you with anything you need.

All in all, old age is the best time to travel and the senior citizen holiday trend is picking up wildly in India in the past few years. Take time to plan your holiday and take good care of yourselves while you have the time of your lives.

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