Dalhousie offers a varied experience to travellers. Some love the snow, some the cool summer, while others enjoy the monsoon greenery. But when would it be your best time to visit Dalhousie?

We have created a guide for summer, winter and the monsoon so you can evaluate the best season to visit Dalhousie.

Best Time to Go to Dalhousie

The best time to visit Dalhousie depends on individual preferences, as each season offers a unique experience: 

  • Summer in Dalhousie (April to June)

During the summer months in Dalhousie, the weather is distinctly cooler and more pleasant than the scorching heat experienced in many other parts of India. With temperatures hovering between 15°C and 30°C, the climate is neither too hot nor too cold, making it an ideal time for tourists seeking a respite from the heat of the plains.

The pleasant weather conditions during summer make it the best time to visit Dalhousie to engage in various outdoor activities. Sightseeing becomes a comfortable and enjoyable experience, as the mild temperatures allow tourists to explore the town and its surroundings without the discomfort of extreme heat. Trekking is another popular activity during this time, as the numerous trails around Dalhousie offer breathtaking views of the lush landscapes.

The summer also brings clear skies, enhancing the visibility of Dalhousie's scenic beauty.

  • Monsoon in Dalhousie (July to September)

During the monsoon season, Dalhousie experiences a significant transformation. The region receives moderate to heavy rainfall, which breathes new life into the flora, making the landscape a vibrant green paradise. The rain showers enhance the natural beauty of the area, with the lush greenery, misty surroundings, and the rejuvenated waterfalls creating a mesmerizing and picturesque setting.

For nature lovers and photographers, the monsoon season is the best time to go to Dalhousie. It offers a unique opportunity to capture the scenic beauty of Dalhousie in its full glory. The rain-washed landscapes, the play of clouds and mist, and the verdant greenery provide ample opportunities for stunning photography.

However, it's important to exercise caution during this time. The heavy rainfall can lead to landslides and slippery roads, making travel challenging and potentially hazardous. It's essential to check weather forecasts, follow safety advisories, and be prepared for sudden changes in weather conditions. 

  • Winter in Dalhousie (October to March)


Winter is the best time for a Dalhousie visit for those who are fond of cold weather and snow. During this season, temperatures can drop below freezing, creating a chilly and frosty atmosphere. The region often experiences snowfall from December to February, covering the landscape in a beautiful blanket of white.

This season is perfect for engaging in various snow activities such as snowball fights, building snowmen, and simply enjoying the serene beauty of the snow-covered landscapes. The snow adds a picturesque quality to the surroundings, making it a winter wonderland for visitors.

While winter is the best time to visit Dalhousie for snowfall, it's crucial to be well-prepared for the cold weather. Carrying warm clothing, including heavy jackets, thermal wear, gloves, and caps, is essential to stay comfortable and protect against the cold temperatures. Additionally, it's important to check weather conditions before planning your trip, as heavy snowfall can sometimes lead to road closures and travel disruptions.

Best Places to Visit in Dalhousie

When you choose your best time to go to Dalhousie, here are some of the places you can visit. 

  • Khajjiar

This place is known as the 'Mini Switzerland of India. Summer is the best time for a Dalhousie visit if you wish to go to Khajjiar. Also, winter is the best time to visit Dalhousie for snowfall, and Khajjiar becomes a snowy paradise. It is ideal for snow activities, while monsoon can make it a bit challenging due to heavy rainfall. 

  • Dainkund Peak

It is the highest point in Dalhousie, offering breathtaking scenic views of the mountains and valleys. It's also known as the 'Singing Hill' due to the melodious sound produced by the breeze passing through the trees. 

Summer is the best time to visit the peak for clear views and comfortable trekking conditions. Winters are cold with occasional snow, offering a different kind of beauty, and monsoons bring lush greenery but with the risk of slippery paths. 

  • Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for nature enthusiasts, nestled amidst dense deodar forests and offering a rich biodiversity. Summer is the best time to visit Dalhousie to go to the sanctuary for wildlife spotting and enjoying the dense forest. Winter offers a serene snow-covered landscape. 

  • Panchpula

Panchpula is a picturesque spot in Dalhousie known for its cascading waterfalls and scenic beauty. It's a popular picnic spot and also houses a monument dedicated to the freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh.

This place is pleasant in summer with its refreshing water streams. Monsoon adds to the water flow, making it even more beautiful, while winter can be cold, with the possibility of snow enhancing its beauty. September would be the best month to visit Dalhousie for Panchpula, as the rains have subsided, leaving the waterfalls and springs in full flow, and the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities. 

  • Satdhara Falls

Satdhara Falls is a picturesque waterfall located in Dalhousie, known for its scenic beauty and serene ambience. Summer is perfect for enjoying the falls, making it the best time to go to Dalhousie for them. 

The falls get their name from the seven streams that converge here, and it's believed that the water has therapeutic properties due to its rich mineral content. Monsoon increases the water flow, making it more spectacular, but access might be tricky. Winter is cold, and the water flow might reduce. 

  • Ganji Pahari

Ganji Pahari is a popular trekking destination, especially during summer, offering a peaceful escape amidst nature. It is a scenic hill located near Dalhousie, known for its panoramic views and serene atmosphere. In winter, the landscape is snowy, while monsoon can make the trek slippery and difficult. 

  • Chamera Lake

Chamera Lake is a beautiful lake known for its stunning scenery and is a famous spot for tourists. The lake is surrounded by green forests and is a peaceful place to visit.

If you are travelling with your family to Dalhousie, summer is the best season to visit for boating at Chamera Lake. You can rent boats and enjoy the calm water and beautiful views. It's a great way to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

Winter can be chilly, and the water level might be low, while monsoon offers lush surroundings but with increased water levels. 

  • Subhash Baoli

Subhash Baoli is a natural spring surrounded by towering pine trees and lush greenery, offering a serene and picturesque setting. The place is named after Subhash Chandra Bose, a prominent freedom fighter of India, who is said to have spent a significant amount of time here in 1937 for health reasons.

Summer is the best time to go to Dalhousie to visit this historical spring for its pleasant weather. Winter can be cold, and the area might be less accessible. 

  • St. John's Church

The church features a typical Victorian-era architectural style with its stone structure, wooden beams, and stained-glass windows that depict various biblical scenes. The interiors are simple yet elegant, with a peaceful ambience that invites visitors to reflect and pray.

Summer is the for visiting this architectural marvel. Winter adds a mystical touch to this church. 

  • Bakrota Hills

The hill station is famous for its tranquil atmosphere, ideal for nature walks and picnics, and the Bakrota Walk, a popular trekking route that circles the hill.

The summer season is perfect for enjoying scenic walks and views, so note that it is the best time to visit Dalhousie if you want to enjoy Bakrota Hills. The cool and peaceful environment during the winter season makes it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquillity and natural beauty.

Hope this guide about the best time to go to Dalhousie will help you plan better. If you are a Club Mahindra member visiting any of our resorts in Himachal Pradesh, feel free to reach out for questions on Dalhousie and the best season to visit there.

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