You must know the best time to visit Gangtok for the best experience before you plan a holiday to this surreal land.

In this guide, we discuss travelling to Gangtok during different times of the year and what to expect in each season. 

Until the early 1980s, Gangtok was popular only for being a prominent Buddhist pilgrimage destination. Today, its famed snow-capped mountain peaks, stunning landscapes, alluring valleys, and serene lakes form a magical collage that attracts tourists worldwide. 

The guide also gives you valuable information on 

  1. How to reach Gangtok and 
  2. Best place to stay in Gangtok. 

Travelling to Gangtok during Summer (March to June)

Any time is the best time to go to Gangtok, but going on a holiday to this beautiful hill town in Sikkim will surely give you the experience of a lifetime. If you are from a metropolitan city with a hot climate, Gangtok is the perfect place for a summer retreat. 

As the city is located at a high elevation, the weather in this part of the country remains pleasant throughout the year. During the summer months, between March and June, the temperature hardly goes beyond 23 degrees Celsius. So, even though the days are bright, it is never hot, creating the most ambient conditions for you to enjoy sightseeing and indulge in outdoor activities. 

But remember, summer is the peak tourism season in Gangtok, so expect to be crowded anywhere you go in the city. So, ensure you make your bookings well to avoid any last-minute hassles. 

Travelling to Gangtok during monsoon (July to September)

If you are planning a holiday to eastern states like Sikkim, the monsoon may not be the best season to visit Gangtok. Like most northeastern regions, Sikkim has a reputation for receiving high rainfall. And sometimes, the rains continue to pour continuously for long hours. This means you would have to remain indoors in your hotel rooms, as going out may seem impossible due to bad visibility and weather. 

Also, landslides are common in Gangtok during the monsoon season. They cause road blockages, and the weather gets exceptionally chilly during rain. But, if you can brave these challenges and see nature in its pure form, you are in for a real treat. 

During the monsoon season, the entire region turns into a green paradise. You can see a million shades of green everywhere you turn! The hills are decorated with cascading waterfalls, and just pure and refreshing air around makes travelling to Gangtok worthwhile!

Travelling to Gangtok during winter (October to February)

After the rains recede, the winter starts to set in from October, and the season brings out a certain charm, making it the best season to visit Gangtok. During this time of the year, the weather in the region is at its best, giving you the most amazing holiday experience you can imagine. 

Not just that, the winter season paints the entire region in different vibrant colours, as you can see the lush green leaves of the trees juxtaposed with the colours of the flowers. All these sceneries are only accentuated by the cotton-like snow in the backdrop. The winters in Gangtok start in mid-October, and by mid-November and December, the weather here will get cold, but it will still not be unbearably cold. It means November and December are the best months to visit Gangtok. During this time, the weather is chilly and cosy, and you can enjoy going outdoors. Also, it is a great time to enjoy adventurous outdoor activities like river rafting in the icy water and paragliding over the snow-covered mountains. 

December is also the best time to visit Gangtok and Sikkim, especially during Christmas time, as the entire state celebrates the festival with great fanfare. You can feel the celebratory vibe everywhere, as the houses and shops are lit up in colourful lights; you can also see people putting Christmas trees in their houses, and the sweet waft of the delicious goodies coming from the cafes and restaurants in the region is sure to give a joyous trip. 

How to travel to Gangtok?

Although Gangtok is on the far eastern side of the Indian peninsula, travelling to this incredibly beautiful capital city of Sikkim is not difficult. In fact, as a popular tourist spot in the country, it is well-connected to all parts of India by road, rail and air. 

Travelling to Gangtok by Flight

There is no airport yet in Sikkim but you can take a flight from anywhere in India to the Bagdogra airport in West Bengal. It is located about 126 kms away, and from here you can take a taxi to reach Gangtok. You can also find shared taxis from outside the airport, which are much cheaper than the private cabs. 

The ride from Bagdogra to Gangtok takes about four hours, and the journey is an experience in itself. If you are looking to save time and have the luxury of spending, you can take a helicopter from Bagdogra. You can check about the chopper services at the Bagdogra airport and reach Gangtok in about 20 minutes while enjoying a stunning view of the Sikkimese landscape from above. 

Travelling to Gangtok by Train

Gangtok is a hill town and is located on the mountain slopes, and it does not have any rail connectivity. But, if you don't want to spend money on flights, you can take a train from anywhere in India and reach the closest Railway station, Siliguri. It is one of the major and important railway stations in the east zone, and there are direct trains to Siliguri from almost all the important cities. 

Once you reach Siliguri, you will have to continue your journey to Gangtok by road. The distance between the two cities is about 117 km, and a taxi ride may take about four to five hours. 

Travelling to Gangtok by Road

 Travelling to Gangtok by road is an experience in itself that you will cherish for a long time. The city is well connected by NH 10, which connect Gangtok to rest of India. If you don’t want to drive by yourself, you can reach by train or flight to Siliguri in West Bengal and take a taxi or bus from here to reach your final destination. The buses services are frequent, and you can choose the type of bus you want based on your comfort needs and budget. 

Best place to stay in Gangtok

When you travel to a city as majestic and vibrant as Gangtok for a holiday, you will crave to get the best experience, right? Well, you can guarantee yourself the most fun and memorable holiday you have had by booking your stay at one of the most premium resorts in Gangtok offered by Club Mahindra. 

There are many stay options in Gangtok, from humble homestays to lavish hotels. But Club Mahindra resorts are class apart. Both the resorts in the city, i.e., Club Mahindra Baiguney and Club Mahindra Gangtok are the epitome of luxury. These resorts boast of spacious rooms that are equipped with modern amenities that make your stay comfortable and relaxing!

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