In recent years, travel has emerged as one of the top reasons for Indians to spend money, both within the country and abroad. A survey by The Economic Times found Indians to be the ‘most family-oriented’ travellers worldwide. Clearly, we are shedding our reputation for being insular and going global. Here are some travel trends of the modern Indian.

Adventure beckons

India is a vast country with many options for adrenaline-pumping activities. Fun-loving millennials love to travel purely for the sake of adventure. A survey by Jumpin Heights, a bungee-jumping business operating out of north India, found that adventure is most often cited as a reason for travel. If you are one of those, read about these adventure and outdoor activities at Club Mahindra resorts.

Family bonding

India was among the last of the world’s countries to let go of the joint family system. However, family ties are still as strong as ever, as evidenced by the ET survey which shows that 64% Indian travellers prefer destinations that offer ‘family vacations’ and ‘something for everyone’. Find out more about how Club Mahindra resorts can make your family vacation even more memorable.

The fun factor

Fun is always a major deciding factor. Indians look for fun when travelling – read ‘diversion from routine’. They look for activities and places that can distract their minds from their daily lives, such as going on a wildlife safari or trekking in the snow. Club Mahindra provides a host of activities – both adventurous and laidback – at all its resorts.

The company of friends

Indians prefer to travel with friends. Most take at least one vacation a year with their friends. Travelling with friends is not only fun-filled but it also provides a sense of security and comfort. Even when travelling alone, Indians are likely to strike up conversations with their fellow travellers and sometimes form lasting bonds.

Heading to the hills

India being a tropical country, many people head to the hills on vacation to beat the heat – especially in the summer months of April and May. With the Himalayas and Aravallis dominating the north and the Sahyadris running parallel to the western coast, there’s no dearth of hill stations to provide fresh and cool mountain air. Club Mahindra has well-appointed resorts at all major hill stations in India, offering you a home away from home.

Going to the sea

Although the older generation doesn’t seem too fond of water sports, millennials love them. All Indians – irrespective of generation – love to travel to the seaside to spend some relaxing days breathing in the sea breeze and sampling the local delicacies. Never mind if you’re vegetarian; you can still happily accompany your seafood-fancying family and friends for a dip in the sea.

The pilgrim’s progress

Religion is yet another big reason for Indians to travel, particularly among older generations. The Char Dham yatra – visit to the four abodes in Uttarakhand in the Himalayas – holds special significance for Hindu devotees. In Maharashtra the Ashta Vinayaka – homage to the eight forms of Lord Ganesha – also holds religious significance. Almost every community has one religious trip they undertake annually.

Travel for work 

Once predominantly a male domain, women have entered this space with a bang. Most working people in India today travel near and far for work. Club Mahindra offers its resorts with fully equipped conference rooms and economical arrangements for those who would like to infuse a bit of pleasure into an otherwise hectic work trip.

Going on honeymoon

This is another popular reason to travel today that wasn’t so popular in the past. Couples these days are going on second and third honeymoons too – provided arrangements can be made for the children. Even the elderly are accepting gifts of quiet getaways from their children. A Club Mahindra holiday can be the perfect gift for such folk.

Gaining exposure

Technology, particularly the internet, has shrunk the world. As people learn about new cultures, a desire is born to visit new places, learn about new customs, and sample new cuisines. This is another important reason for travel. Every Club Mahindra resort abroad strives to maintain a balance between the new culture and the comfort of your Indian home.

Celebratory travel

Destination events, nowadays, features at the top of the wish list of many Indians. Getting together brings you closer to friends and relatives, reviving old bonds and creating new ones. Besides, destination events such as weddings are extremely special – leave it to Club Mahindra to make all the arrangements while you shop, chill out, and enjoy the event.

Living your fantasy

Indians are still conservative in many ways. A lot of thought may go into what to wear to the beach, for instance, or whether to drink alcohol. There could be a lot of restrictions if you’re travelling with family locally. The new generation may wish to explore and live life differently but without offending the elders. Travelling away from home offers the perfect solution.

Medical tourism

India is home to the system of Ayurveda. This age-old art of healing, along with others such as panch karma, oil bath, meditation, and yoga, is practised in several parts of the country. Those who live in urban areas often travel to these serene spots for therapy and rejuvenation. Club Mahindra has its resorts in every corner of India and also overseas. So, the next time you feel the urge to indulge your happy feet, call Club Mahindra.


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