Nestled in southwest India, the place offers several exceptional tourist destinations.

Other than its stunning locales, the vibrant and rich culture in Karnataka also attracts multitudes of crowds each year, further enhancing the state’s allure. Not to mention, Karnataka houses over 50 different tribes, each possessing their own customs and traditions. Some of these tribes include - the Kodavas, Tuluvas, Konkanis, Kannadigas, Tibetan Buddhists, Soligas, Yeravas, Todas and the Siddhis.

Here we discuss some of the most prominent cultures of Karnataka:

You may commence this exciting cultural exploration of Karnataka by visiting the land of Kodavas, Coorg. A place steeped in history, the culture in Coorg is distinct from rest of the state. The Kodavas are the oldest and foremost community found here. Amongst a host of palatable dishes, prepared by the community during special occasions and festivals, are koogalet, pandi karri, paputt, kadumbutt, etc. The traditional dress of the Kodavas is called ‘kuppasathatti’. However, this attire is donned by the clan only during special occasions and events. Kodava-thakk is said to be the language of the Kodavas.

Next, you could get acquainted with the culture of the Konkanis in Karnataka. Much like their community name, the language spoken here is Konkani. For the women in this part of the state, sarees form the traditional attire. And much like Maharashtran dishes, the Konkani cuisine uses a lot of coconuts, tamarind, coconut oil and curry leaves.

Another culture in Karnataka you may explore is the vivacious ways of the Kannadigas. Some of the typical dishes here include jolada roti, bisi bele bath, saaru, chitanna, ragi mudde etc. The attire of these people differs from place to place. The men usually don a lungi, angi (a traditional shirt) and peta (kind of turban), while the women dress themselves in Mysore silk or Ilakal sarees. The Kannadigas typically speak the language of Kannada.

Lastly, you can explore another dominant community in Karnataka, called Tuluvas. The reverence of nature and the worship of evil spirits forms an integral part of the Tuluva culture. Their delectable cuisine includes varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes such as neer dosa, Idli-vada sambar, kesari rice, fish curry, etc. Most of the Tuluvas don western attires now, however, in olden days they would robe in a kunkuma (red) colour cloth.

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