Coorg is steeped with history; one of the interesting historical aspects being that the Queen Victoria of England was the godmother of a Coorg princess. Coorg is often fondly referred to as “the Kashmir of Karnataka” or “Scotland of India.” It is a highly renowned tourist destination known for its coffee plantations and ethnic warrior people. Coorg is rated as one of the top hill stations in India, and is home to some of the most colourful wildlife spectacles; it has three wildlife sanctuaries and one national park. What makes Coorg the finest vacation spot in the country is its fine mist, temperate climate and lush greenery.

Club Mahindra has a grasp of this beautiful destination and has mindfully constructed a state-of-the-art resort for all its members. Built in a sprawling coffee plantation, this resort is certain to leave you with strong aromas associated with your holiday memories of Coorg. The resort keeps all its members entertained by organizing plethora of indoor and outdoor activities.

Let us look at some of the indoor activities for you to indulge in:


Club Mahindra ensures that each part of your family is making the best out of the offerings. The workshops at Club Mahindra Coorg Resort leave you with a revitalising experience. You can have a fabulous time figuring out how to cook some of the most obscure cuisines from the resort experts, heating your own particular pots, and even make puppets and set up your own show.

Virtual World:

Virtual world is a paradise for gaming lovers. You can feel the adrenaline racing at over 200mph, fly a jet plane, and even have a giant ape fight a dinosaur. You can also compete with the world’s best athletes by indulging in various sport-themed games and flaunt your skills with a grin.


Stay active by inviting some healthy competition. Club Mahindra provides you with cricket and golf sets, badminton racquets, football, and several other sporting equipment. If you are a ‘more-the-merrier’ person, you can also have the FunRovers to join you in your sport of interest.


Have fun learning how to knead, shape, dry, and bake your own clay. If you master the art and make it, you can even bring it home with you. Now, moving on to some of the best sight-seeing destinations in Coorg. Apart from indoor activities, there are plenty of adventurous things to do in Coorg such as Elephant safari at Dubare Elephant camp and Quad biking In Coorg.

Iruppu Falls:

The bewildering Iruppu falls are believed to have a mythological origin, formed by the descent of a river over step-like rock forms. You can trek your way up to reach the falls to witness a breath-taking sight. Taking a shower from the Iruppu falls is considered to be holy.

Abbey Falls:

Visiting Abbey Falls is like venturing into an exciting trip that involves narrow roads, making its way through a mixture of steep ups and downs, sinuous turns, and wriggles through the verdant and dense coffee plantation. The trip can be an extremely uplifting experience.

Dubare Elephant Camp

The camp is located about 42 kilometers away from the resort on the way to Kushalnagar. You can have the amazing experience of giving a bath, scrubbing, and feeding the elephants at Duabre Forest. The activities are conducted in the morning; make sure you carry extra clothes and towel. Read these Club Mahindra reviews to see what our happy members have to say about our plantation resorts in Coorg! After a long tiring day you can rejuvenate yourself in Svaastha Spa at our resort in Coorg.

About Club Mahindra

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