Dramatic grey skies, lush greenery, and freshness all around, mean only one thing in India, the monsoon season has arrived! It is one of the most awaited times of the year, as the arrival of the rains brings respite from the sweltering heart and fills everyone’s heart with joy. Also, it is that time of the year when everyone plans a trip.  

There are many places to visit in India in monsoon, and no matter where you go, you can be sure to have a lovely time as the refreshing cool air, the rain drops, and the clean surroundings will take all your worries away. You can happily remain a silent spectator and bask in the glory of the moment.  

While travelling during the monsoon season can be great fun, you must be extra careful while stepping out. From planning to packing the right things, there are many things you must take note of to ensure that you enjoy during your journey and all through the trip. Here are a few monsoon travel tips that you must be aware of to be safe and have fun. 

Always check the weather report beforehand 

During the monsoon season, most parts of India receive a considerable amount of rain. And some places receive torrential rain. So, it is advisable that you check the weather forecast of the destination you are travelling to and plan your itinerary accordingly.  

If you are travelling to places like Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh, make sure to check the forecast of the entire week because these places are quite infamous for landslides, which can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere for many days. The last thing you would want to experience on a trip is to be stuck in one place with nowhere to go or help.  

Always carry precautionary medicines and a first aid kit 

While a monsoon trip in India could give you an experience of a lifetime, it can also turn into your worst nightmare in no time. If you are travelling with young children or elders, make sure that you always carry a first aid kit everywhere you go even on your sightseeing trips.  

As a precautionary measure, it is better to carry essential medicines for cold, cough, flu, diarrhoea, body ache, vomiting, etc. The rough terrain, and bad weather can make even the healthiest ones in your group sick. So, it is better to be prepared to face the worst. 

Get a good covering for all your devices 

When you travel anywhere, you may surely carry a camera, phone and other gadgets to click pictures and be in touch with your loved ones back home. Hence, it is pivotal that you keep all your gadgets dry and safe. When you pack for your monsoon trip, make sure to put all your gadgets in a robust waterproof cover. If you don’t have any covers, buy a few days before the travel date to avoid unnecessary last minute hassle.  

 Avoid eating street food 

When you're travelling and it is raining, you may feel tempted to have some hot snack or a cup of tea. However, as tempting as the food items from the roadside stalls look, you must be aware of the fact that it can be extremely unsafe. Generally, the roadside hawkers don’t maintain any hygiene, and when you have such foods during monsoon, you can fall victim to water borne diseases. 

So, when you are travelling in the monsoon season, as much as possible try to eat food that you carry from home. If not, it is best to eat at a good restaurant that maintains good hygiene. Always follow this simple monsoon travel tip – Eating healthy = safe monsoon trip.

Carry a good waterproof footwear 

Not many realise the importance of good footwear while travelling, and it is especially vital when you travel during monsoon. Always wear good waterproof shoes and have one extra in your bag. This will help you walk and roam around freely and you can remain comfortable during your trek or other adventure expeditions.  

Always carry a good rainwear 

It may sound like it is a no brainer to carry a rain jacket or an umbrella for all your monsoon travel in India. However, many people don’t do this. Sure, you may want to enjoy the rains and get wet, but when you remain drenched for long, you will be inviting trouble as you may fall sick.  

Always carry a raincoat, a foldable umbrella or a poncho in your backpack and keep it handy, just in case it starts pouring suddenly.  

Travelling around India during the monsoon can be great fun. But, you wouldn’t want to be unprepared for the rains and find yourself in a tight situation that could ruin your entire trip. So, be prepared for the worst, and keep hoping that all will be good. Follow the above tips, and you would be good to have a gala time!

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