Kedarkantha in Uttarakhand is one of the most popular trekking places in India. If you enjoy trekking, this trek would surely be one of the most surreal experiences you may have in your life. Located in the densely forested region and surrounded by snow all around in Uttarakhand this trek is challenging and rewarding at the same time. 

Three elements that make up the Kedarkantha trek are dense white clouds, thick cover of snow, and a magnificent panoramic view of Himalayan range. Located over 12,500 feet above sea level, the view from the top is incredible but the journey to the top through the steep slope is equally alluring. 

Important Kedarkantha Trek-related Details

  • Starting point of the trek – Sankri Village
  • Trek duration – 4 to 6 days
  • Distance till the summit 20 to 25 km
  • Height – 12,500 feet (approx.)
  • Difficulty level – Moderate 
  • Best time to go for Kedarkantha trek – November to April
  • Closest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
  • Closest Railway Station – Dehradun Railway Station

Top Attractions Near Kedarkantha

Going on a trek to Kedarkantha Trek is an experience in itself that will stay with you forever. But, while you are in the land of surreal beauty, you must explore other nearby places that are simply stunning! Here are our top picks on the best places to visit.  

  • Khujey

As you start your trek to the Kedarkantha Peak, along the way you will come across several camping sites that are among the best in India. These camping sites located on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas are surrounded by the most breath-taking sceneries you will ever see. 

Among the many campsites, Khujey stands out for its ethereal beauty. It is a meadow surrounded by thick greenery. The million shades of green you see here and the undeniably peaceful vibe you feel will make you be in a state of perpetual awe!

Bhoja Dadi is another stunning camping ground that is located close to the Kedarkantha trek starting point. 

  • Kotgaon

While you hike up to the Kedarkantha peak, make sure to stop by at Kotgaon. It is a tiny hamlet in the hills, which is unbelievably beautiful. The stunning view you get here will make you wonder if all the fairy tale villages you have read or heard are true! 

With Hai Ki Dun and Devkyara valleys forming the village backdrop, you can’t just have enough of the view of the village. However, if you are travelling through the Kotgaon-Kedarkantha route by road during the winters be careful as it gets blocked due to snowstorm. 

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How to Reach Kedarkantha?

The Kedarkantha trek is not as challenging compared to other treks in the Himalayas. Also, reaching here is quite easy through different means of transport. 

By Air:

The closest airport to Kedarkantha is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun city, which is about 109 kms away. The Jolly Grant Airport is 25 kms from the city and it has a great flight connectivity to all parts of India. Everyday regular flights operate to and from Dehradun to all major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, etc. 

Once you reach Dehradun, you can take the government-run bus or book a cab to reach the base camp.

By Train:

No matter where you are from in India, you can take a train from your hometown to Dehradun. And if you don’t have a direct train connectivity, you can travel to Delhi and from there you can take an overnight train to Dehradun. The train journey may take about 8-12 hours. 

From Dehradun stations, you will get regular buses to Kedarkantha’s base camp, i.e., Sankri Village. If you want to travel more comfortably then you can take a cab. 

By Road:

Dehradun is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Uttarakhand and has a wonderful road connectivity to all parts of the country. You can easily drive up to the city via Delhi. If you don’t have a car, you can travel by bus; regular buses operate from Delhi’s Kashmere gate to Dehradun. From here you can take the local public transport or rent a private car to reach Sankri village, the base campsite for Kedarkantha trek. 

Whether you are travelling by air, train or road, you can use our distance calculator to know the distance from your city to Kedarkantha trek and also get travel directions. It is an easy-to-use online tool that just requires you to enter the destination names in the ‘distance from’ and ‘distance to’ sections and you will know the exact distance. 

 Important things to know when you go for Kedarkantha Trek

  • The temperature in the region ranges from 15 degree Celsius to -5 degrees, and it can go further down at night. So, don’t forget to bring plenty of warm clothes to keep yourself safe from the cold. 
  • You must get entry permits from the concerned officials before you start the trek and have all the paperwork handy during the climb. 
  • Before you start your trek, do a thorough checklist of things to carry. You must have good quality trekking shoes, sunscreen lotions, raincoats, UV-protection sunglasses, water bottles, a first aid kid, torch and a walking stick. Also, it is vital to carry an additional pair of battery and torch because the torch can sometimes malfunction due to low temperature. 
  • Don’t carry more than 10 kg of weight. As some portions of the trek would require a steep climb and the weight will slow you down and even make the climb very difficult for you. 
  • Avoid smoking during the trek as it may cause difficulty in breathing due to lack of oxygen. Similarly, avoid consuming alcohol as it can dehydrate your body faster. 
  • The locals in Kedarkantha believe that Kedarkantha is Lord Shiva’s throat and therefore it has great religious significance for them and consider it very sacred. 
  • Always stay closer to your group or the expert guide and follow their directions strictly. 
  • If you have any respiratory issues, it is best to avoid this trek. 

Now that you know everything about Kedarkantha Trek, plan your adventure trip now and get set going!

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