Sometimes, silver linings come in the form of a jab. A vaccine is one of them, especially right now, with the world’s most heightened pandemic still an on-going global health crisis. But mass inoculation drives have started, with essential workers and the elderly first in line, and it is hardly surprising that many seniors have begun to make travel plans. But before you get carried away with the joys of planning your next trip out of town or a long holiday, here are some common mistakes that you can avoid to reduce the risk of catching as well as transmitting the novel Coronavirus. You can steer clear of many hazards to enjoy safe and secure journeys with these COVID-19 travel tips.

Not checking in with your doctor

It is always advisable for senior travellers to seek medical advice, complete any pending check-ups and discuss any travel precautions or medicines you need for your journey. Even more so in COVID times, when there are so many variables to consider and unpredictability at play.

Not eating healthy or staying hydrated

It is vital to follow a healthy diet while travelling and to staying hydrated at all times. Airlines offer hygienic meals and you can carry your own water bottle that can be refilled at any airport. By keeping yourself healthy and your immunity high, you can lessen the risk of COVID at any age.

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Not getting travel insurance

There are many risks and dangers one can face while travelling. Travel insurance is a smart way to safeguard yourself and go on journeys, without any worries about costs of any unexpected medical care or expenses.

Not following social distancing practices

Having to wear a mask at all times in public, remembering to wash or sanitise one's hands often, maintaining two-metre distance at all times — following these measures all the time has been a challenge for everyone. But ignoring these critical steps is the easiest way to catch COVID-19. So be diligent and keep extra masks and pocket-sanitisers handy. This extends beyond the airport: these COVID travel tips for seniors also apply when when you are on the road, in your hotel room, dining out, or exploring your destination.

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Not getting vaccinated or lowering your guard once you do

Many older adults are still hesitant to get the vaccine, but it is strongly advisable to trust the advice of medical professionals the world over and get it done. Doing so means that even if you do catch Coronavirus, the symptoms are likely to be milder. At the same time, if you have been fully vaccinated, it doesn’t mean you can lower your guard and be lax about social distancing or wearing a mask. Continuing to follow these measures is one of the most important COVID travel tips for seniors, as it protects you as well as others.

Not choosing the right accommodation

Your home away from home needs to be just as safe. That’s why it’s important to pick only a trustworthy hotel or accommodation in the destination of your choice. Where your health and safety are ensured with all hygiene protocols followed. If you compromise on your stay, you could put yourself at higher risk.

Club Mahindra has for you over 100 resorts in India and across the world, each that follows the very same level of stringent health and safety guidelines for our guests. We take care of any needs that may arise, promising a comfortable, enjoyable and unique stay experiences.

By remembering these simple COVID travel tips of what not to do as well as how to lessen the risk and worries of falling sick, you can finally start planning and take on that much awaited holiday or stay away from home.

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