After almost a half-year long coronavirus period, you are dying to go on holidays. But going on a week-long vacation in pandemic times demands you to follow strict safety measures and travel smart. I am sure you must be reading and hearing about COVID safety protocols and travel safety guidelines every day. We are here to assist you in travelling smartly, especially in COVID times. Read and find how you can pack light for your all-inclusive Club Mahindra resort holiday during the pandemic.

It is advised that you pack light while travelling anywhere. Travelling light is all the more critical in pandemic times as more luggage means more time spent at transport stations amidst the crowd. Our first advice for you to pack light is—pack only a carry-on bag. It can be carried on inside the airline and is easy to manoeuvre. It’s allowed size limit for various airlines in India is around 20x13x10 inches.

This way, you save on checked bag charges. More importantly, you won't have to wait around at the luggage carousel among a crowd who is also travelling in the corona situation

So yeah, pack everything you need in one portable carry-on bag. Don’t fret. We’ll tell you how.

Get organised before packing

The most important hack to packing light is getting organised by making a list before you place even a single flip-flop in your bag. Overpacking happens when you open your cupboard, and start grabbing and dropping your things into your travel bag. So, sit down and write down every item you are going to be needing on the vacation that won’t be available at the resort.

You are coming to a Club Mahindra resort for your vacation, which makes packing light very easy for you. Also, you can be sure of your safety at a Club Mahindra resort. Stay with #CMSafeStay and #TravelWithConfidence.

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Tips for packing light when going for a holiday in an all-inclusive resort

* Wear the bulkiest items to the resort

* If you are going to a tropical location, you won’t require much of the bulky clothing. But if you are going to a place where evenings are cold, wear a jacket atop a sweater, your sturdy sneakers and large sunhat as your travel outfit. Wearing them all on the plane will open up a great deal of room in your bag.

Pack ridiculously less

* Take hold of the list that you made earlier. Now, take out and lay out everything on your bed where you can see it. Remove something if still possible but do not add anything to this. If you are travelling with just one carry-on bag, you need not overstuff. Ditch all the shoes and hair products and the collection of fabulous vacation hats you have at home. You are probably going to spend your week in your swimsuits, shorts, and flip flops. Also, resorts have towels, activity equipment, and all things you’ll need for a leisurely stay.

* Stick to one colour scheme

* You do not have to pick seven clothing pairs for seven days. Choose one theme—a neutral colour like black, white, tan and add in a few colourful scarfs and sweaters. This will help you limit packing more than necessary clothes.

* Remove the ‘just in cases’

* If you are bringing along items in your bag with a ‘just in case’ thought, better leave them at home. See the weather forecast for your destination, and pack only the clothes as per the weather. Take only the stuff you will need. And if you require anything else during your holiday, you always have friends to borrow from.

* Always make rolls and fold heavy clothes

* Roll whatever clothes you can. Roll-packing t-shirts and shorts save space and cut down wrinkles. Here’s the cylinder rolling technique: Start with the shirt face down on a flat surface. Fold the arms to get a perfect square. Perform a vertical fold. Now roll up from the bottom. You’ve got a perfect mini cylinder. If you are still, by chance have any heavy material like a khaki or a sweater, fold it into a square.

* Ditch toiletry bag and use a transparent plastic bag instead

* Heavy toiletries bags with a thousand compartments take way too much space. Use a single one-gallon plastic bag and put every toiletry inside this plastic. It is leak-proof and can be easily placed at the top of your bag for easy access.

* Better not bring toiletries

* If not necessary, do not take any toiletries to the resort. Resorts have the best shampoos, conditioners, and lotions in every room. They also have spas, which you can access, with indefinite oils and lotions. So, you don’t really need to pack them. Your room must also have a blow dryer, so better leave yours at home. Leave your make-up and hair products at home as well. Only take one or two products that you can absolutely not travel without. Check with your resort to see what in-room amenities and toiletries are waiting for you.

* Pack like a pro

* Firstly, stack square shapes. Then stack rolled items around them. Fit shoes and flip flops in the corners. You can place socks inside your shoes. Place your transparent toiletry plastic bag at the top of the folded clothes for easy accessibility.

* Additional tip: Pack items that can double up. For example, a sarong can be many things—a cover-up, a blanket, a privacy screen, a shawl, a scarf, or a boho bag in which you can tie up all your stuff and carry around.

Standard Operating Procedure for Indian domestic flights

* A passenger travelling on a domestic flight in India has to follow some airport travel guidelines. You have to print your baggage tag and stick it on your bag. If getting a print is not possible, write your ticket PNR number and name on a thick paper and attach it on your bag.

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The bottom line

Packing light is an art and you can be the artist. Remember to write everything down before starting packing, spread out everything where you can see them, and to not add anything else to it once it is packed.

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