Goa, the land of many beaches, forts, and churches is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Many people from India and abroad come here to revel in its natural beauty and party scene. While the entire Goa is pretty as a picture, the beaches in south Goa have a unique charm to them. They are cleaner, and less crowded than the ones in the North. 

So, if you are looking to spend a peaceful vacation in Goa, head to the south. And, amongst the many beaches in Goa, Palolem beach is one of the most popular ones. It is a perfect spot to unwind and chill your feet while admiring the beauty of the cool blue Arabian Sea and enjoying the breeze. 

However, apart from its beauty, Palolem beach is a perfect spot to get a glimpse of the Goan culture, indulge in various adventure activities, gorge on delectable Goan cuisine. In simple words, the beach has something to offer for everyone. 

So, if you are planning to visit Palolem beach, we have put together a travel guide for you. 

Places to see around Palolem beach

While the beauty of the Palolem beach and the number of water activities here will keep you busy throughout your stay, you can venture out to explore the nearby places.

Agonda Beach

Located about 2-3 kilometres away from Palolem beach, Agonda beach is one of the most popular beaches near Palolem beach.  Like Palolem, Agona beach is less crowded and is a perfect spot to spend some time in solitude and without worrying about the glaring eyes of other tourists. If you are interested in some adventure sports, you can go kayaking, scuba diving, or parasailing. 

Monkey Island 

You may have guessed it already, the place gets its name because of a large population of monkeys that live here and roam freely in the wild. While the island's name is unique and intriguing enough, the bountiful natural beauty of the place will leave you mesmerised. The best way to reach here is to take a boat ride from Palolem beach. The ride takes about 45 minutes and enroute you can enjoy the surreal beauty of the Arabian sea. 

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

 Whether you are an animal lover or not, this sanctuary is one of the best places to visit near Palolem beach. Home to several exotic flora and fauna, here you can spot sloths, vipers, flying squirrels, gazelles and if you are lucky enough you may even sight panthers. Keep your camera ready to capture a few candid shots of the animals and the surrounding natural beauty.  

What to do at Palolem?

Whether you are a laidback traveller, a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast, Palolem beach has something to offer to everyone. 

Take a boat ride to spot Dolphins

Boat ride, dolphins, sounds exciting, right? It is one of the best things to do in Palolem beach. You can go for an early morning boat ride, in search of the beautiful dolphins in their natural habitat. The boat ride takes about 90 minutes and enroute you can come across turtle rocks, a unique rock formation in the middle of the sea that resembles a turtle. The ride may also include a quick stop at the butterfly island, a tiny, and secluded beach.

Even if you don’t spot dolphins, you would surely enjoy cruising over the Azure waters of the Arabian sea and be mesmerised by the view around you.  

Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage 

Goa and a relaxing massage are a perfect combination for a rejuvenating holiday. So, while you are in Palolem, you can treat yourself to a soothing massage at one of the many spas or a massage parlour in Palolem. You can choose from different massage options as you want.  

Go Kayaking

A trip to Goa without indulging some water activities will remain incomplete. And, you can find plenty of water activities at Palolem Beach. You can go Kayaking in the calm waters and enjoy the scenic natural beauty of nature as you feel the cool breeze hitting your face. 

Practice Yoga

Out of the many activities you enjoy in Palolem, practising yoga will calm your mind. Many people organise yoga sessions at different locations around the beach. You can join any of these sessions and learn a few Yoga poses and techniques.  

Get a taste of the nightlife in Goa 

The shacks and night clubs along the beach at Palolem host plenty of glittering parties, and invite local artists to play live music to give you a taste of the Goan nightlife. That’s not all, you can attend the New Year parties or take part in Christmas celebrations.

Best time to visit Palolem beach

 Like all places in Goa, the best time to visit Palolem is during the winters between November and February as the weather here is pleasant. But, you can also visit the place during the start of the monsoon between June and July, the showers add more charm and beauty to the place. 

Where to stay in Palolem? 

If you are not too keen on staying at any ordinary Palolem beach resort near the beach and are looking for a place that offers premium amenities and has spacious rooms to easily accommodate all your family members, you can book your stay at Club Mahindra Emerald Palms or Club Mahindra Varca Resort

These resorts are located in Varca, about 34 kms from Palolem beach, which is about a one-hour drive. These properties offer you all the necessary facilities you want to ensure that you have the most amazing travelling experience throughout your stay. 

With all the information you need to enjoy a blissful holiday in Palolem, all that is left is to leave all your worries behind at home and head to Palolem for a blissful holiday.

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