For those who have completed their vaccination process, planning your next trip becomes a little bit safer and easier. However, precautions must still be taken considering the society at large, and especially the destination you choose to visit. This guide covers everything you need to know to plan a holiday for senior citizens once they have gotten the full dose of the vaccine.

Be patient

According to the authorities and medical professionals, those who are fully vaccinated can consider travelling. However, you must wait two weeks after the second dose to consider yourself immune. Just because you haven’t been able to travel for a while doesn’t mean you have to rush! Your health and well-being always come first. So, pick holiday dates well after you have been vaccinated and you are in the clear.

Be mindful

The vaccine rollout has been staggered, with the most vulnerable sections of society first in line to receive inoculation. But it is important to note that most people around still haven’t got their shots. So while it may seem like back-to-normal travel for senior citizens who are vaccinated, you must consider that others around you are still at risk of catching COVID-19, especially since vaccinated people can continue to be carriers, while facing no effects of the disease at all. Even children remain unvaccinated, so if you are planning to visit family on your holiday, it is advisable to wait till as many family members as possible have gotten the vaccination too. For spouses, try restricting your interactions with people outside your bubble.

Planning travel for senior citizens Holiday for senior citizen

Be alert

Yes, being vaccinated gives you a high degree of protection against COVID-19. But cases have been reported of people testing positive even after being administered the vaccine. Besides that, the country and world are experiencing the pandemic at different rates. When planning travel for senior citizens, stay on track when it comes to social distancing and hygiene practices. Consider modes of transport that offer complete sanitisation, such as airlines. Or opt for a road trip, in the safety of your own vehicle.

Be smart

One of the big decisions to make when it comes to travel for senior citizens who are vaccinated, is where to go. Choose your destination wisely. International travel is slowly opening up and many countries are back to welcoming vaccinated tourists without the need to quarantine. While much of India is open to tourists, you should go somewhere where COVID-19 rates are low, choose quaint places like hill-stations and forest towns. Avoid big cities and populated areas. In much the same way, you must be smart about picking your accommodation. Hotels and guest houses that are trustworthy and safe, who always put the wellbeing of their guests first, while at the same time offer a holistic and immersive experience that lets you experience the true joys of travel.

Plan your travel in 2021 Travel for senior citizens

Be aware

The travel industry has adapted and evolved through the pandemic, and rules and regulations change from time to time and place to place. Check what documents you need to carry for your journey, if any. Or what the local guidelines are, of the destination you will be visiting.

Travel for senior citizens is something so many have been looking forward to. That much needed getaway from the city, catching up with family you haven’t seen in months, experiencing new moments in fresh surrounds. And it is no doubt that the vaccine brings hope that soon you will be able to take this anticipated holiday. All it takes, is cautious, smart planning and destinations like Club Mahindra properties that promise to look out for you in these challenging times, and deliver a spectacular escapade that reintroduces the joys of travel back into your life. To sign up for 10 beautiful years of assured holidays during your golden years, visit us at Club Mahindra Bliss.


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