A little over a year ago, it would have been unimaginable to think that one wouldn’t be able to travel, take flights, and visit different parts of the world — especially if you are a student or professional living and working abroad! Thankfully, governments and aviation authorities have ensured regular repatriate, relief and humanitarian flights for citizens and OCI holders of India.

However, before flying, it is vital to arm yourself with all the important information needed for a safe and smooth journey. We’ve made that simple for you by compiling all the relevant travel regulations in the below article, so that you know what to expect once you land in India.

Pre-travel precautions

With the pandemic still unfolding, circumstances are constantly changing, in India and abroad. India has air-bubble arrangements with most countries, from Sri Lanka to Russia, the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Chances are that if you are an international or resident citizen of India in any part of the world, you will find a flight back. In order to have a smooth journey, here’s what you need to know and do before travelling.

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* Vaccination: Before you fly, consider your purpose of visit and the people who will accompany you. In these circumstances, it is preferable that senior members of the family avoid air travel unless fully vaccinated. Even then, it must only be done in urgent cases.

* Flights: For Indian nationals and OCI holders and young families, check for the nearest flights available from your location to your final destination in India. International flights are available to most major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, amongst others.

* Documents: A self-declaration form has to be filled out 72 hours before your departure. You must also have a negative coronavirus test to be allowed entry into the country. Since each state in India is experiencing the pandemic at its own pace, institutional quarantine requirements may vary. The best travel tips to avoid having to quarantine is to upload a negative test result within 96 hours of your departure and upload it to the official online portal.

* Travel insurance: Another thing to consider is travel insurance - the added protection for your health at a time when it matters most. One of the particularly important travel tips is to download the Aarogya Setu app on your mobile device pre-departure. It conducts contact tracing through Bluetooth and GPS tracking, to ensure you are in COVID-free surroundings and offers peace of mind at all times.

* Stay updated: Be sure to check out India’s official Health and Aviation Ministry websites for the latest national and state-specific news, close to your travel date, as new restrictions may be imposed on short notice.

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Staying safe during the journey

One the day of travel, it is crucial to follow all COVID-related safety and hygiene measures. While airports and airlines are doing their best to make things as clean and contactless as possible, it is wise to be cautious. Masks must be worn at all times, remember to sanitise frequently and keep distance when amongst other people, especially at counters and in long queues.

Once you land

Travel tips for what to expect when you land in India vary from general to specific. On a broader scale, you will likely be able to avail transport like taxis, at the airport. Private vehicles can also journey through all cities and towns, for those arriving by plane.

Hotels and accommodation are permissible to function at appropriate capacities and with Standard Operating Procedures in place as guided by expert health officials.

Like everywhere else in the world, it is compulsory for all individuals to wear masks and practice social distancing when out in public.

As for what’s open to the public, each city is different, and the situation is constantly evolving. Many popular tourist destinations of the country are open to visitors, with all the measures in place for a secure and pleasant stay.

States with large COVID-19 numbers do impose periodic curfews and lockdowns. Follow relevant media or government channels for the latest news on whether you will be facing such circumstances, so that you can make appropriate arrangements for your stay.

Your safe arrival is paramount to us. With these travel tips, you can plan and map out your entire journey well in advance so as to have a safe flight. And when you do, we at Club Mahindra will be waiting with some of the top resorts in spectacular destinations all around the country, for you to experience much needed home comforts that are safe, in these unprecedented times.

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