Located in the Drakensburg range, South Africa's mountain kingdom of Lesotho is a tourist’s hub. It is a beautiful place where you can be mesmerised by the art, culture, people, environment and history. It attracts tourists from all over the globe who seek an adventurous skiing destination.

You heard it right! Africa is so much more than scorching climate and wildlife safaris. There are five mountain ranges in the continent, which get enough snow, and you can visit the place for an adventure of a lifetime.

As the entire world faced a deadly pandemic, several tourist spots started closing, and strict travel restrictions were enforced. The number of tourists was drastically slashed as South Africa got badly affected, and there was a rise in coronavirus cases. In comparison with almost zero visitors last year, only half the usual visitors are seen this year but it is believed that tourists are willing to visit despite the covid-19 woes.

The Afriski Resort in Lesotho used to host music festivals, mountain sports competitions and adventure activities before the pandemic hit. This was another reason why more and more tourists visited the place for fun and entertainment.

Key information for tourists travelling to Lesotho:

  • In case you go to Lesotho, it is best to get fully vaccinated before traveling.
  • As the current situation is not entirely safe, even fully vaccinated travellers are at risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19 variants.
  • You must consider all possibilities and check recommendations for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers.
  • When in Lesotho, tourists must abide by all the guidelines. Covid appropriate behaviour such as wearing a mask and maintaining distance from others are still very important measures you must take.

Fully vaccinated Tourists Lesotho - Africa

Travel recommendations for fully vaccinated tourists include:

  • Before travel:

It is a must that you read, understand and follow airline rules and destination requirements related to testing, masking or quarantine, which vary for different countries.

  • During travel:

Wearing a mask is mandatory when you are taking public transport for sightseeing or other purposes.

  • After travel:

You should get a covid test done, self-monitor your health and look out for COVID-19 symptoms once you are home after travel. If necessary, you must isolate. Follow your respective state and local recommendations or requirements.

You should not travel if you come in close contact with someone who has covid. You should also inform them if you feel sick and should not travel.

Travel guidelines for unvaccinated tourists include:

  • Before travel:

You must only travel if you got tested before your trip and the result comes negative.

  • During travel:

Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth and maintain physical distance both indoors and outdoors when travelling.

Avoid crowds, wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitiser.

  • After you travel:

Get tested again to ensure you and people around you are safe and self-quarantine after travel, especially if your test is done and reports haven’t arrived yet.

Even if your test report comes negative, stay at home, do not step out unnecessarily and avoid mingling with people who are at greater risk of contracting the virus. 

The decision to travel is completely your choice and you must be careful about personal safety abroad.

Lesotho during winter Travelling to Lesotho

Lesotho is a budget-friendly and easily accessible destination from Durban and Johannesburg. It is an underrated travel destination but has immense opportunities for tourists who love adventure. The contrast with South Africa could not be more striking. You may visit the picturesque mountains, go hiking, get a glimpse of their authentic culture, discover the National Park, click a picture of the amazing Maletsunyane Falls in Africa and try pony trekking. Explore the place your way if you wish to go mountain biking, and you will not be disappointed. A few days in Lesotho will make you remember the hospitality and beauty of this place.

Lesotho boasts the highest average altitude of any country in Africa. During winters, it is covered with snow and tourists gather to go skiing here. Skiing and snowboarding are permitted and operated like any European ski village which offers ski lifts to transport tourists up the slopes and allow them to hire ski equipment and tuition as required. The best time to visit Lesotho is from June to August.

You may visit Lesotho and indulge in exciting activities and sightseeing. However, you must also remember that the world is still fighting a pandemic and we must win this battle against the virus. Right now, safety is our only priority. As the travel restrictions ease out and vaccinations gain momentum all over the world, let’s stay patient and aware. We are all looking forward to a vacation but it is critical to follow travel guidelines.

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