Coorg is on the list of every person who wishes to holiday in a picturesque location that has a pleasant climate and which offers several vistas to explore. This year, you should take off for Coorg with your loved ones on your annual vacation.

Plan your Coorg holiday in a jiffy!

* Plan your departure: Any time is a good time to visit, but we recommend the summer months between March and June as the best time to visit Coorg. The weather is pleasant during this time.

* Book your flight tickets as soon as you can. You will have to book a flight to Mangalore, and proceed to Coorg from there. You can get prepaid taxis at the airport, or step outside and take a cab. However, be aware of the tariffs being charged before you hop in.

* Book your Coorg resort. The later you book your Coorg resort, especially when you approach tourist season or are already in the middle of it, the lower your chances of finding a good resort or hotel. Book a good resort like the Club Mahindra Virajpet Resorts or Club Mahindra Madikeri Resorts for a comfortable and luxurious stay, in just a few steps. These resorts offer some of the best restaurants in Coorg, excellent rooms and superlative service, among other features.

* Draw up an itinerary of the top Coorg tourist places you wish to visit. We’ve got a list made for you to refer to, in case you don’t know where to begin!

Our picks for the top Coorg tourist places you need to visit on your holiday:


* Honnamana Kere Lake: This is one of the most popular lakes in Coorg, and one of its preferred picnic spots. The lake water is still and blue, and there is a tranquil silence all around. It is the biggest lake in Coorg, and has both a historical and cultural significance. It is said that the Goddess Honnamana, the local deity of the region, appeared as a vision in a devotee’s dream and told him to make a temple in her name at this spot. This is how most ‘Swayambhu’ temples in India have been created. It is an important Coorg tourist place, also because it is well-maintained and has an idyllic setting amidst hills and caves.

* Talacauvery:

This spot derives its name from the Cauvery River, and is said to be the origin point of the latter. Talacuavery is located over 1,200 m above sea level and is an important trekking point in Coorg. The legend goes that it was a freshwater spring that initially flowed underground and then resurfaced above the ground in the form of the river Cauvery. There is also a temple at this scenic spot, which you can visit.


* Abbey Falls:

These waterfalls are located about 1 km from Madikeri town and are a famous picnic spot for both tourists and residents. The waterfall has outstanding beauty, and you can even bather in the water downstream when the weather is warm. For those who don’t want to take a dip, there is lots to see in terms of lush vegetation around, coffee plantations on one side and private spice estates on the other. You will be left spellbound by the natural beauty of this Coorg tourist place. The best time to visit it is in winter, since the water increases in volume during the monsoon season.

* Mallalli Falls:

Talacauvery Abbey Falls

Most waterfalls are a complete visual fiesta, but the Mallalli Falls are a notch above and one of the most important Coorg tourist places. The water is milky white and frothy, and it gushes down a distance of 1,000 metres with tremendous force. Located in Somwarpet and at the foot of the Pushpagiri Hills, the water in these falls comes from the Kumaradhara River. The fall waters gush down and then become still and flow quietly into the Arabian Sea. It is possible to bathe downstream, but it is better to heed advisories during the tourist season before you take a dip.

* Harangi Dam: 

The Harangi Dam is located in Hudgur Village in Kushal Nagar, and spans the Cauvery River tributary. It is about 47 metres high and has several pretty streams of water leading out of it. It is a popular picnic spot for its hushed greenery and miles of lush vegetation all around. 

* Chiklihole Reservoir:

Reservoirs in India have often turned into picnic spots for residents and tourists, and the Chiklihole Reservoir is no different. Just like the Harangi Dam, it is located far away from the city limits and is really quiet. The dam water flows along quietly and the area is richly green. Located between Kushal Nagar and Madikeri, the reservoir offers seclusion by way of thickly wooded areas and an excellent sunset viewing point.

* Bhagamandala:

This is not technically a river or waterfall, but the spot features medicinal hot springs. It is located near Talacauvery, and it has been a pilgrimage spot for scores of Hindus for years now. Pilgrims visit the spot to wash themselves in the hot springs, which are said to cleanse your soul and wash away your sins. The water at the Bhagamandala is said to come from the Triveni Sangam, and the spot is often referred to as the Ganga of the South.


* Madikeri Fort: one of the most important Coorg tourist places is Madikeri Fort, an ancient fort dating back to the 17th Century. It was built by the local king Mudduraja, but the original structure did not stand the test of time and started crumbling in a few years. It was later reconstructed by the ruler Tipu Singh, who also renamed it to ‘Jaffarabad’. However, this new name never caught on and the fort continued to – and still continues to – be called Madikeri Fort. Its most notable features are the two life-sized mortar elephants at the entrance, the clock tower and portico (added by the British) and the Anglican Church inside which was formerly a Hindu temple.

* Tadiandamol Peak: This is the highest point in Coorg, located at 1,748 metres above sea level. This factor alone makes it one of the most important Coorg tourist places. It is the ideal spot for trekking and hiking, with a moderately sloped trail that is also breathtakingly beautiful. All the effort you put in to reach the top will be well worth it when you take in all of Coorg from your high vantage point. Start walking up this peak if you are an amateur trekker or if you want to breathe fresh air on your holiday.


* Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary:

Karnataka has as many as 21 wildlife sanctuaries, and Pushpagiri is one of the most important Coorg tourist places. It features on every Coorg travel guide because it is home to many rare and endangered species of birds. Several migratory birds also make this sanctuary their home every winter.

* Dubare Elephant Camp:


Mallalli Falls Chiklihole Reservoir

If you love large animals and want to see them up close, then the Dubare Elephant Camp is just the Coorg tourist place you need to visit. Located on the Cauvery riverbank, it is managed by the Karnataka Forest Department. You can interact with the elephants here, and also watch them taking their morning bath at around 9 am – it’s an entertaining sight, for sure! The elephants are also used for jungle rides and you can hire a naturalist guide to take you through the camp and impart knowledge on the elephant training, their different life stages, and so on.

* Nagarhole National Park:

You might be a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, in which case, the Nagarhole National Park is the best Coorg tourist place to be in. Visit this excellent park to get up close to animals of different types, from big cats to creepy crawlies like snakes and large lizards. Also check out the various exotic types of flowers and leafy plants growing here.

* Raja’s Seat:

This curiously named spot is a spectacular garden that features a wide range of flowers and artificial fountains. Located in Madikeri, it is known as a ‘seat’ because it was originally constructed as a garden for the enjoyment of Kodagu Kings. The kings would often visit with their consorts and companions for an evening of entertainment. The garden offers a splendid view of the setting Sun with a range of mountains forming a great backdrop.


* Namdroling Monastery:

This famous monastery is located near Kushal Nagar and is looked after by the Sangha community that settled here a few centuries ago. It is also known as a Golden Temple because it features many paintings with gold filigree and minute detailing. The Tibetan monastery also has a large 18 metre high gold-plated Buddha idol, which is one of the wonders of Coorg. The rest of the monastery has living quarters for both visiting and resident monks, and classrooms for young monks. Visiting this monastery is one of the essential things to do in Coorg.

* Omkareshwar Temple:

This temple is one of the most interesting places to visit in Coorg, since it shows prominent Gothic and Islamic architectural influences. The Omkareshwar Temple dates back to the year 1820 and was said to be constructed by Lingarajendra as an ode to Lord Shiva. A prominent attraction at this spot is the tank of fresh water which houses many colourful fish. The tank is replenished on its own!


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