There’s Europe, and then there’s Europe with Club Mahindra

Europe is as diverse as the colours of the rainbow. Each country has its own story to tell.  And Club Mahindra helps you uncover these tales as you journey through the quaint, charming, idyllic continent. 

Here is a short travel guide to introduce you to the top places in Europe to holiday with Club Mahindra. Explore breath-taking natural landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine, rich culture, abundant history and adrenaline-pumping activities.

Remember, “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport….”

Finland: Land of a Thousand Lakes

Finland is one of our most favourite Nordic countries. It is, after all, where true magic resides. Within the crystal-clear lakes; amidst the spruce, pine and silver birch trees; across the mountains and foggy valleys… In the very Finnish air.

This Europe Day, we celebrate the wonder of Finland, the happiest place on earth! Home to Santa Claus and the beloved Moomin character, there’s no better destination for a family vacation. And with Club Mahindra’s wonderful collection of partner resorts, a family holiday in Europe is just around the corner. All you have to do is say yes, and our travel wizards will take care of the rest.

Whether you choose to visit Holiday Club Caribia, Holiday Club Katinkulta, Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki or Holiday Club Saariselkä – expect a blend of holistic wellness and blissful adventure. Each resort boasts of world-class amenities including a traditional Finnish spa and sauna, amusement parks, and the most incredible ski slopes you will ever lay eyes upon. For those who enjoy trying new dishes, do feast on the Finnish fish pie and classic, cinnamon buns. Also, make sure to tick items off your bucket list like reindeer rides and sky gazing; this is a place of first times for the whole family!

Spain: Under the Mediterranean Sun

Some of the best resorts in Europe happen to be nestled along Spain’s glorious, sun-kissed coasts. If you’re ready to get your toes sandy, journey to the Gran Canaria Islands. It is among the top holiday destinations for Indians in Europe. A place where the hues are brighter and the people are friendlier. And with Club Mahindra’s affiliate resorts positioned in the most picturesque of spots, every moment is beautiful. Discover black lava and white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, purple wild flowers, green palm groves, and more. Each view is unique and best savoured over a delicious mocktail.

Depending upon your family’s preferences, you have premium options in the form of Holiday Club Vista, Amadores; Holiday Club Jardin Amadores; Holiday Club Playa, Amadores and Holiday Club Puerto Calma. Each resort was built to reflect the island’s best natural features, so your family will be able to experience the tropical way of life. For the water babies, you’ve got access to Instagram-worthy swimming pools. So, make sure to create your own signature splash. For the spa dwellers, sample your way through healing massages and revitalising facials. For the foodies, make sure to try Paella, the most famous Spanish dish of all. If you’re a fan of cartoons, do visit the Angry Birds Theme Park for non-stop fun. Each member of the family will find a distinct offering!

Sweden: Into the Emerald Forest

Sweden is a postcard come to life. Vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains sit alongside thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes. Seasons come and go, transforming the scenery with it.  And within this rare, ethereal setting lie Club Mahindra holiday homes. We’ve joined hands with the delightful Holiday Club Åre and Holiday Club Ekerum, to bring families the best of Sweden!

 If a classic European sojourn with your loved ones is what you’re craving, there is no better place to visit. From horseback riding through the lush terrains, to fishing along the glassy lakes, there are a ton of outdoorsy things to do. Places to visit, too! You can explore art galleries for a glimpse into the rich culture. Ever visited a castle or a place? Now is your chance to journey back in time. Golfing pro? Well, the rolling hills are yours to conquer. Spa connoisseur? We’ve got a wellness package that will soothe your body and mind. Now, make sure to try the delectable Swedish meatballs. It is a highly recommended delicacy to try when in Sweden.

Have the aforementioned details made you feel excited, inspired or curious? Well, we promise there is far more to discover when you do so in person. Embark on a European expedition with your family. Club Mahindra, India’s favourite resort chain, makes this possible.

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