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Keeping the spirit of ‘this shall too pass’, we must look forward to a time post lockdown when restrictions will settle down, and we will be able to step out, plan and travel again. However, we do want to plan a safe travel, especially when we’re travelling with kids. As parents or guardians, there is nothing more crucial than a child’s safety. Therefore, we have come with a few tips that will help you plan a post-Covid-19 lockdown vacation. Here are the top tips you may want to follow when travelling with your kids post lockdown.

Follow health protocols

Before departure, take a glance at the WHO guidelines for travelling. Always ensure that you and your family members are always wearing masks when out in public places. Also, you should stay away from crowded places or public gatherings unless it is necessary. Keep kids away from using public amenities like swings in the park and only eat at the restaurants which look hygienic and their staff is following safety protocols. You can always opt for room service and can even carry small meals in a bag.

Look out for kids

Your child must understand the rules and protocols that are in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Keep a check on the kids’ activities frequently to ensure that they are not touching an unhygienic surface, pulling their masks down or standing too close to strangers.

Explain health protocols to children safe and hygienic holidays

Explain health protocols to children

Kids are curious, and it is the best time to use it for their well-being. Tell them about the coronavirus protocols that authorities have implemented at the destination and travelling mediums. Try to make them understand the benefits of them. If you have two or more kids, you can teach them to take care of each other if one forgets to follow a protocol.

Make a systematic plan

Unlike the times before the pandemic, we cannot make plans in haste. It is better to plan ahead of time, make an itinerary, avoid covering touristy spots, and keep your travel plans achievable. When you opt for limited places, it helps to reduce the exposure and makes the vacation much more relaxing and fun. You can even opt for a staycation at any of the luxurious resorts of Club Mahindra as they guarantee safe and hygienic holidays.

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Choose the mode of transport wisely

The mode of transportation makes a lot of difference in travel plans. In the times of Covid-19, it is advisable to choose a private vehicle for commuting in and about the city. However, if you have to travel by train or flight, you must follow their guidelines to ensure risk-free travel. Also, you should teach the kids about social-distancing and keep reminding them basic safety measures when you are surrounded by strangers on a platform or airport.

Mode of Transportation Travel in New Normal

Carry sanitiser and extra masks with luggage

Hand sanitisers and extra masks are a must-carry while travelling. You should ask your kids to sanitise their hands after touching a surface, before eating and after using public restrooms. The children must also be aware of the benefits and importance of wearing a mask. In case if the mask gets soiled or lost, you must have an extra mask in the bag.

Book a hotel cautiously

With the pandemic, you cannot choose just any place to stay. It is vital for you and your family’s health to choose a hotel where the staff follows WHO guidelines. While booking, you must ensure that there is proper sanitisation of the rooms, lobbies, washrooms, restaurants and other public seating areas and equipment. With children, you need to be extra mindful and even ask for room sanitisation in front of your eyes.

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Travelling soon will no longer be a distant dream. Vaccination drive in India is pacing up and we’re soon likely to be able to travel just like before. But it is necessary for us to not drop our guards and follow safety guidelines laid by the government. Hope, this travel tips above helped you, do let us know in the comments below.

Safety guidelines

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