Maharashtra, a state on the western coast of India, is filled with experiences for every traveller. Ranging from the peaks of Sahyadris to the beaches of Alibaug, this state has it all.

The third largest state in India, Maharashtra has some of the most breathtaking beaches, ancient forts, scenic hill stations, nature reserves and more.

It is a perfect mix of culture, history and diversity.

If it is your first time visiting, here’s a travel guide to Maharashtra to help you plan your trip.

Understanding the Geography of Maharashtra 

Often referred to as the Gateway to India, Maharashtra lies on the western coast with a coastline of 720 kilometres. Spread over 307,0000 KM2, the state is bordered by Karnataka, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Chattisgarh. 

Protected by the Western Ghats running parallel to the western coastline, it gives Maharashtra its unique flora and fauna. Home to many national parks, nature reserves, and biodiversity hotspots, the western ghats extend up to Kerala in the south. 

Popular Cities of Maharashtra

Whether you want to see the hustle-bustle of always-busy Mumbai or want to get close to nature in Nagpur, Maharashtra has got you covered. Here is a list of top cities that you should consider exploring here. 

  1. Mumbai - The commercial capital of India
  2. Pune- The cultural capital of Maharashtra
  3. Nashik- Vineyards, Temples, and Caves
  4. Mahabaleshwar - The queen of Sahayadri Hills (Western Ghats)
  5. Kolad - Famous for waterfalls, river rafting and water sports
  6. Aurangabad - The Tourism Capital of Maharashtra
  7. Shirdi - The home of Sai Baba
  8. Alibaug - Known for pristine beaches and scenic beauty 

Places to Visit in Maharashtra

There are various kinds of Maharashtra Travel Places for every type of tourist. From a relaxing holiday to an adventurous one, there is a destination for all. While no list can be extensive enough to cover all the popular places to visit in Maharashtra, here are some top picks.

  • Ajanta and Ellora caves: You can explore magnificent architecture at Ajanta and Ellora caves near Aurangabad, which are 2 of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Maharashtra. Rich with paintings and sculptures, these caves have been crafted by hand, with only a hammer and chisel.

  • Marine Drive: Popularly known as the Queen's Necklace, Marine Drive is one of the top places to visit in Maharashtra. A famous tourist spot in Mumbai, this 3.6 km long boulevard faces the Arabian Sea and is a lovely spot to watch a sunset or take a leisurely walk by the bay.

  • Mahabaleshwar: A quaint hill station in the Satara district, Mahabaleshwar is located in the Western Ghats. Apart from being famous for fresh strawberries, this pocket of paradise has incredible views of cascading waterfalls, clear skies and luscious greenery. Club Mahindra Sherwood and Club Mahindra Saj offer comfortable stays to tourists visiting Mahabaleshwar.

Things to Do in Maharashtra

There are many things to do in Maharashtra when visiting this majestic state. Activities ranging from trekking to sightseeing and shopping- you name it, and you will find it in Maharashtra. 

  • Taste the Maharashtrian Cuisine: Maharashtra is famous for some of the most lip-smacking dishes in the western region. Misal Pav, Dabeli, Bhelpuri, Sabudana Khichdi, Poha, etc., are some dishes you will find in every nook and corner in Mumbai and other cities. So, do not miss out on tasting some of the best food in Maharashtra on your holiday.

  • Wine tasting in Sula Vineyards: Situated amongst the hills, Nashik is home to many temples, forts and multiple vineyards. Sula Vineyards is a great spot for a weekend getaway where you can relax and taste some exotic wines and cocktails. For an extended stay in Nashik, you can book your stay at Club Mahindra Hatgad Resort.

  • River Rafting in Kolad: A picturesque village in Raigad, Kolad is known for its beautiful waterfalls, greenery and striking view of the Sahyadris. It is gaining popularity as a destination for water sports like white water rafting, rappelling and kayaking.

Best Time to Visit Maharashtra 

The best time to visit Maharashtra depends on the nature of your holiday. While summers see soaring temperatures and high humidity, it is a perfect excuse for a weekend in the lovely hill stations.

Maharashtra is famous for its torrential rains, and while it may restrict your travel plans, the monsoon adds to the pristine beauty of the state. It makes for a perfect setting for trekkers and nature lovers. Winters here are moderate, and the weather is pleasant throughout the day, making it favourable for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and activities as well. 

Where to Stay in Maharashtra –  

  • Club Mahindra Sherwood Mahabaleshwar
  • Club Mahindra Saj Mahabaleshwar
  • Club Mahindra Hatgad
  • Tropicana Resorts & Spa 

Maharashtra is the perfect confluence of people from different cultures, foods, arts and lifestyles, giving it a unique identity. It is such a vibrant state that you will keep coming back to explore it and experience everything Maharashtra offers.

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