After being boxed up for so long, you must be waiting to go out and about. However, because the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, precautions must be taken to travel safe. When planning a trip by plane or car, consider how COVID-19's spread could disrupt your plans, especially now that the Omicron form is spreading across the country.

Travelling during a pandemic necessitates a more thorough and cautious approach than usual, but it is possible to do so while limiting your risks. So, if you are travelling, then it is crucial to be careful and aware. Require a complete guide?

Here is a list of travel guidelines to remember for safe holidays in 2022:

Mask up:

Masking up is one of the crucial travel guidelines for safe holidays in 2022. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, face masks are advised as an act of personal protective equipment and as a public health intervention. Face masks reduce exhaled droplets' volume and travel distance when talking, breathing or coughing. A face mask with no holes will filter out virus-carrying particles from inhaled and exhaled air, lowering the risk of infection. Travelling by air, in particular, necessitates the use of a mask. Masks are more effective when properly fitted and worn over the nose and mouth. Use an N-95 face mask during travel, which is FDA-approved for blocking 95% of particles and is easily breathable. If you are using a reusable or cloth mask, then ensure that it's clean and fits properly.

Get Double-vaccinated:

Getting double-vaccinated is the second most crucial travel guideline for safe holidays in 2022. Make sure you are entirely immunised before indulging in a trip. An ideal way to protect yourself from the virus, slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the number of new variants is to be vaccinated. Only around two weeks after taking the second dose may one expect to be fully protected from the infection. As a result, travelling after the first dose is not recommended. However, while the first shot provides some protection, it is not a wise idea to move out before intaking the second shot.

Maintain Good Hygiene:

Maintaining good hygiene is another critical travel guideline for safe holidays in 2022. COVID-19 and other respiratory infections are transferred by droplets of saliva or mucus produced when people cough or sneeze and then inhaled by others. As a result, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands, as viruses are most commonly transmitted through these routes.

Airlines are attempting to decrease the number of objects passengers must touch through contactless check-in and other methods. Still, there will always be door handles, luggage bins, escalator bannisters and that bag of chips you are eating that someone else picked up and placed down before you. Thus, hand hygiene is crucial at all times. Consider carrying hand sanitiser (60% alcohol) and using it after contacting common surfaces to help keep your hands virus-free.

Avoid High Spread Zones:

Avoiding high spread zones is one of the most underrated travel guidelines. It's vital to think about whether COVID-19 is easily spread where you are headed to. If that's the case, it's time to reconsider your scheduled trip. COVID-19 exposure is more likely in areas where the virus has spread throughout the community. If the virus is easily distributed at your destination, then you may fall sick during your holiday and pass on COVID-19 to your loved ones, as well as spread it during your return journey. Also, before you travel, learn and understand the guidelines of the city/state you will be visiting, and follow them to make your trip hassle-free.

Social Distancing:

You can protect yourself and those around you by using social distancing techniques. Avoid crowded places and keep a physical distance of at least 6 feet (approximately two arm’s length) from anyone not a member of your travelling party.

If you are planning a trip by plane, then you should know that the airline industry has gone above and beyond to create social distancing at all travel touchpoints.

Here are some pointers for practising social separation while flying:

  • Keep at least a one-meter gap between you and the person you're talking to.
  • At airports, look for social distancing markers.
  • To maintain adequate distance at the airport, do not sit on chairs with a 'do not sit' sticker.
  • Measures adopted to guarantee social separation at all travel contact points include mandatory web check-in, self-check-in for bags and self-scan of e-boarding passes.
  • While waiting for boarding, in the security hold area, at the aerobridge/commuting in the coach, while disembarking from the plane, at baggage claim and when exiting the airport, follow social distancing rules.
  • Stay out of the aisle when you are inside the plane unless it's indispensable. If at all possible, avoid using the restroom.

Carefully Select Hotels/Vacation Rentals:

Examine the cleaning policy of the hotel or rental property before making a reservation. Many establishments are publicising how they go above and beyond to keep guests safe and retain transparency. For example, hotels clean their rooms more frequently and provide online check-in and digital keys. In between guests, many hotels have adopted 24-hour vacancies for rooms. On the other hand, vacation rental firms have devised new cleaning processes. Still worried about the sanitisation and hygiene measures? Opt for Club Mahindra Resorts! All safety rules are observed at our premium resorts, and they are carefully and routinely maintained to ensure travel safety.

Get an RT-PCR Test 3-5 Days After Your Trip:

It is okay if you want or need to travel, but we encourage planning ahead of time to keep yourself and your family safe. Getting an RT-PCR test done 3-5 days after your trip is one of the wisest travel guidelines for safe holidays in 2022. Stay at home and self-quarantine for the entire seven days, even if you are declared negative. If your test is declared positive, then isolate yourself to avoid passing the virus to others.

Following these travel guidelines as you plan your trip can save you from contracting the virus. Along with general guidelines, travellers must also know about the statewide travel guidelines. In India, different state governments have laid out their respective protocols for passengers arriving at their airports. Before you travel, learn and understand the whole guidelines of the city/state you will be visiting, and follow them to make your trip arrangements easier.

Bon Voyage!

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