Both the travel industry and tourists have become careful about safety and cleanliness ever since the pandemic. And the right thing to do is to go on holidays keeping safety as your top priority. Safe holidays and safe travel are going to be the norm in 2021. While travel in 2021 will eventually get amazingly well, it will take time for it to return to normal.

The travel industry will do well in 2021 because there is a huge demand for safe travel after Covid-19. 2020 was a year for virtual travel when people sitting at their homes scrolled through destinations worldwide and added many places to their travel bucket lists. Search escapism was a thing in 2020, wherein people vividly looked for vacation inspiration. Through last year, people also became travel appreciative as they couldn’t go on their much-needed holidays.

2021 is upon us, bringing with it a promise of a better year, especially for the much-affected travel industry. With the Covid vaccination drive already running strong in India, vacations are going to make a huge come back in the country. Travelling in 2021 will see increased PCR tests, mandatory mask rules, and full sanitisation at the places of stay. Tourists will also become more aware of the places they are staying and eating at. People will only prefer safe holidays to areas fully reviewed and passed for safety.

5 points to make your travel safer in 2021


#1 Detail out a perfect travel plan

It has become essential to plan your travel smartly to stay safe in 2021. Your travel plan must include checking for resort safety, travelling to familiar places, etc. Only book a resort accommodation with clearly stated health and hygiene policies for a safe holiday. Club Mahindra offers you the most comfortable and secure stay at its resorts. You can book any of our Covid-safe resorts. Also, travel only to areas you are familiar with so that you are sure of what to expect in those areas.

#2 Be responsible in picking out your destination

Most people are dying to travel after 2020 to get out of the rut. And what better way to unwind yourself than at a place surrounded by nature and away from the crowd! All Club Mahindra properties follow strict safety precautions, and most of them are located away from the cities and amidst nature. So, at Club Mahindra, you can be sure of your safety and explore the places that you have not visited before.

#3 Avoid travelling to big cities

Your very next big trip must not be to a traditional urban centre where there are crowds and the possibility of an outbreak. Travelling to less-visited, offbeat areas in the country is a very attractive option today. Club Mahindra resorts are located at some of the most unchartered destinations in India. Coupled with strict safety regulations, the resorts are a perfect destination for a good holiday.

#4 Travel domestic

Avoid international travel as much as possible. Instead, give local tourism a chance. Indians are seeking out a more off-the-beaten-track rural experience for their next holidays. Keep international travel for the future as this is an excellent time to explore India. Travel to offbeat places for both escaping the crowded cities and spending quality time with friends and family. Immerse yourself in the outdoors by choosing the safe Club Mahindra resorts. Also, the Indian travel industry has been hit badly and needs your help. So go domestic this year.

#5 Go for road trips

Travel restrictions around the world have made people turn to domestic holidays. As being in one’s private vehicle provides the utmost security, commuting by road has become the preferred choice for travellers in India. Going on an extended vacation after a prolonged time spent at home waiting for Covid-19 to get over is exhilarating. Take health and safety-related precautions at stoppages, gas stations, etc. while you take the road trip. As per Club Mahindra’s 2021 travel trends, road trips will be all the rage this year.


Along with these pointers, make sure your food and water hygiene is intact, avoid insect and tick bites, and stay aware of your surroundings for a safe holiday. Also, ensure that you and your co-travellers have adequate travel health insurance before embarking on the holiday.

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