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If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it is perhaps this: travel should not be taken for granted, wherever it may lead you. From a picturesque drive along the coast to a refreshing trek up the mountain, soak it all up, like it is your very last vacation. Life is unpredictable and thus, its important that you make each moment count.

Club Mahindra resorts are located in some of the most serene and unchartered destinations in India. With the highest degree of safety regulations in place, we welcome back our members, promising comfort and enjoyment.

Take a look at the top 6 trends that we believe will disrupt the travel and tourism industry!

While breaking down the travel trends for 2021, we drew from the human desire to explore, experience and expand. This determination to break free is what will see the new normal, being heavily influenced by travel.


A staycation or holistay is a cost-effective alternative to taking a “real” vacation. A creative spin on classic travel, where the holiday is brought to you. Forget catching a fight, boarding a train, or hitting the ignition for miles, one may simply check into a luxurious hotel in the city or retreat to a charming home in the country, for a fun, relaxing experience. Yes, the novelty of a sojourn can be experienced with a whole of convenience. As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, we predict that this domestic trend will top the list of travel trends for 2021. It offers safety, amidst a whole new setting!

Bleisure Trips

The rise of “bleisure” trips – where travellers combine business trips with leisure time – is allowing people to save money and transform what could be a mundane trip, into a satisfying stay. According to a recent study conducted by Hospitality Net, consumers are opting for this sort of vacation owing to the transition to “out of office” working. With remote working options available, several possibilities open up to travellers. Travel trends for 2021 will see people swapping their home offices for offices with a view – lake, river, sea, mountain, forest, plantation… A more affordable option is communal work retreats in exotic locations.  

Private Island Rentals Glampervan Road Trips

Private Island Rentals

Now, there are some people who have the means to rent a gorgeous private island for their vacay, as we can see with certain international celebrities. A more realistic option is to book your own tropical bubble in blissful destinations, such as the Seychelles or Maldives. This allows you to opt for a hotel that is situated on a deserted shore, with only the waves and sky to keep you company. With the imminent threat of Covid-19, we predict that is will be one of the biggest travel trends of 2021.

Glampervan Road Trips

With travel restrictions forcing people to turn to domestic holidays, commuting by road has become the much-preferred choice as being in one’s own vehicle provides, the highest security. Embarking on a journey after a prolonged coop at home can be a wonderful and exhilarating experience. Moreover, when the journey is the destination itself, it provides instant gratification. According to Club Mahindra’s travel trends for 2021, road trips will continue to be all the rage. Just picture it. One can cook, sleep and shower in their mobile homes, whilst exploring landscapes, granting a level of self-sufficiency that is exactly what is needed today.


Pleasure Flights Ecotourist Holidays

Pleasure Flights

Have you ever heard of the term ‘aerophile’? It describes a person who has a passion or an affinity for aviation. In the travel context, it refers to those who enjoy the in-flight experience so much that they would pay to fly nowhere. Being on an aircraft, whilst enjoying a refreshing beverage and catching up on the latest movies, is a multi-sensorial occasion for all. But some miss it more than others, especially during this past year. And so, one of the most unique travel trends for 2021 is sure to be ‘pleasure flying’! Think of the fluffy pillows and puffy clouds vying for your attention!

Ecotourist Holidays

Ecotourism can be defined as conscious travelling, wherein care is taken to conserve the environment, protect endangered species, and safeguard local people. Essentially, it’s about reducing the carbon footprint through responsible holidaying. The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded travellers of the importance of valuing life. From the choice of transportation to the type of accommodation and food, every lifestyle choice is green. We envision that ecologically sustainable vacations such as village tours and camping trips will be an important element in travel trends for 2021.

Now that you are aware of the unique, quirky travel trends for 2021, which style interests you the most? When it comes to crafting the perfect family holidays, Club Mahindra knows a thing or two, or maybe, four! So, look no further than us for a low-down on all travel related topics and news.

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