2020 was a year of missed experiences and cancelled trips. But what is coming is way more beautiful than what has gone. Covid-19 has been instrumental in changing our travel lifestyle. The positive news around vaccine rollout at the start of the year uplifted spirits of one and all.

Travel continues to be an experience of utmost importance to individuals. As people are looking to make a fresh start, vacationing is on top of their minds. Besides staycations and road trips, workation, domestic travel, and immersive travel are also likely to be top travel trends in 2021. Travel season picked up with the Unlock phases’ announcement, and people started going on weekend getaways and road trips in India.

Travel trends that will rule 2021

Below are a few travel trends for 2021:

  1. Road trip to multiple luxury resorts

Owing to international travel restrictions, road trips to luxurious resorts are going to rise in 2021. People are now looking for spacious resorts with manicured gardens, villas, and pools over a hotel stay. Post-Covid, vacationers are looking for more control over their stays, which is possible with road trips and staycations in India. Travellers are now opting for premium stays and independent villas for more comfortable vacations.

  1. Revenge travel

Revenge travel is travelling after having been left travel-less for almost a year. After such a long time, travellers are hitting the road with a vengeance. Travel may have slowed down during Covid, but travel planning was always in full swing in 2020. People have already spent much time and effort planning their 2021 excursions, and now they want to execute their plans with revenge travel. Also, young Indians plan on taking multiple mini-trips in a year.

  1. Slow and immersive travel

The last year taught us one good thing: to slow down and live an unhurried life. This year, travellers are looking for richer immersive travel experiences to unwind, explore, and connect with nature. Many people want a holiday with a languid pace that gives them time to explore instead of just rushing around and seeing many places. People have now been gravitating to travel to places closer to nature and want out from an utterly indoor lifestyle.

  1. Contactless travel

Safety and hygiene have emerged as new luxuries in travel. After the announcement of Unlock phases, the travel and hospitality industry have taken serious measures to make its services contactless and boost confidence among travellers. Contactless check-in, Food ordering and concierge services using mobile apps, and other offerings at resorts have become as contactless as possible. Travellers are looking forward to continuing using contactless services and tech-rich experiences for safer travel. Also, the idea of using private vehicles that accommodate the entire family is going to stick.

  1. Workation

Remote working is going to continue to be a reality for many people. A prolonged and continuous shift to remote working means many individuals will always be out of the office. Now when the pandemic subsides, this opens up all kinds of possibilities for remote working. There will be a significant rise in people swapping their home offices for beach ones. If you are spontaneous and fearless, you can make remote working work for you!

  1. Domestic nearby travel

More and more travellers visited nearby getaways during the pandemic. It will be no surprise if the travel habit becomes the norm. Locations close to the city let the travellers experience a slower pace of life while being close to their home. Domestic nearby travel is the travel trend that is likely to gain momentum in 2021.

  1. Digital travel experience

Amidst the pandemic, many hotels and resorts made a shift to digital to ensure that all guest needs were met virtually. The digital metamorphosis has been transformational for leisure and business travellers, and the digital travel experience trend is here to stay. Many operation-related activities are going to be digitised, enabling contactless services. The sense of fulfilment of having made safe choices during travel is unmatched and travellers want to feel good about the choices they made in their travel and accommodation at the end of their vacation.

  1. Staycations

Staycation is when an individual or family stays at home and takes part in leisure activities at places within the day trip distance from home. People are starting to prefer staycations in India over long holidays. A better idea is clubbing staycations with road trips in India.

  1. Pleasure flights

This travel trend is purely for aerophiles. If you like simply being on a plane and relaxing while contemplating the clouds, pleasure flights are for you. Some airlines have realised this particular likeness and are offering ‘flights to nowhere’.


Thus, the pandemic has been shape-shifting for the travel industry as new travel trends continue to rise in 2021. Make use of these latest travel trends to get unique travel experiences and gather memories for life.

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