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Dreaming of a relaxing getaway but work from home is holding you back? What if we told you could combine the two and #TravelWithConfidence during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Recently, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board came up with the initiative of ‘workcation’ where you can take your work along with you while going on a holiday to rejuvenate and relax. MP Tourism Development Corporation, MD S Vishwanathan spoke about work from home becoming a reality during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The tourism board is promoting peaceful and scenic jungle resorts that will be suitable for a workcation.

Workcation and its Benefits

Workcation is the ingenious concept that combines work with a vacation. It allows you to take your work with you while going away on a short break. You can balance the work hours with the leisure hours while soaking in the scenic beauty surrounding you. Multiple benefits come from taking a workcation. Here are some that can entice you to take a workcation of your own:

#1 Increased Productivity

Contrary to popular belief, a workcation boosts productivity rather than diminishing it. A break from daily routine and lesser distractions are bound to push your brain into creative mode and churn out better and more output.

#2 Fewer Household Chores

After all the months of keeping up the balancing act between household chores and office work, it’s time you take a much-deserved break. For a few days, let others pamper and take care of you. Take a relaxing massage and ease out the tension in your muscles or spend time in the gym in your free time to break a sweat. Don’t worry about having to get through a list of household chores - this time is for concentrating on yourself and your work!

With Family at Club Mahindra Kanha

#3 Change of Scenery

Wouldn’t we all love a change of scenery right now? A workcation is a perfect excuse! Imagine spending a few days in the dense jungle and far away from the hustle and bustle of an urban city. A change in scenery can be good for your work and your mental health.

About Club Mahindra Kanha Resort

Situated just a few minutes away from the Kanha National Park, Club Mahindra Kanha Resort is the perfect getaway for a workcation with your family or colleagues. The national park is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, and the chance to see the wild cat in your free time is just one of the many factors to entice you. The resort is situated in Mocha, a rustic central village which is easily accessible from Jabalpur (165 km) and Nagpur (265 km). The best time to visit Kanha for a workcation is between October and June when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Travel with Confidence & Member Benefits

When it comes finding suitable accommodation for your workcation, look no further than Club Mahindra Kanha resort. Club Mahindra resorts are ensuring that all travel safety guidelines are being implemented so that you can #TravelWithConfidence and have a #CMSafeStay. Club Mahindra has tied up with reputed labs for making home testing for COVID-19 available to all guests. Moreover, you can travel by a Zoom car available at a discounted price or avail the airport to and fro shuttle service. Members enjoy the following additional benefits:

      *A 9-month COVID-19 insurance policy offered at a discounted price

      *Free travel insurance

      *Special offers on airline deals

You can also check out Club Mahindra resort reviews to know more about member experiences who have stayed at Club Mahindra resorts during COVID-19 lockdown.

Things to do at and Around Kanha Resort

Kanha is blessed with a bounty of flora and fauna. Apart from the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, Kanha is also home to various species of indigenous birds and trees. These are great to spot when out on a nature walk or going on a guided jungle tour. Making sure all travel safety guidelines are being followed, guests at Club Mahindra Kanha resort can also pay a visit to Mocha village and experience the rural life. If you wish to stay indoors, there are numerous activities and games to keep adults and kids engaged.

It’s time you break that monotony and take that workcation! Bring your family and friends along and #TravelWithConfidence!


  • Anil Sen Verma

    Interesting and motivational activities and nature tourism with the family

  • Sagar Kumar

    Recently I had a business assignment in Madhya Pradesh, and I made the most of it by booking a Club Mahindra Kanha resort and took my wife along. It was work and nature at its best. My wife had such an unforgettable experience and she thanked me immensely for giving her the much-needed break. The location, the scenery, the weather and the calm and serenity that was so much required was all at our beck and call at Club Mahindra resorts. I would give it a rating of 10 on 10 as it was really a great experience I had. I want to thank the staff who were at our service 24 by 7 and who took all measures in maintaining our safety and security, especially against the virus.

  • Roshan Jadhav

    I am a Club Mahindra member and recently we made the most of or membership by visiting one of the most lavish resorts of Club Mahindra holidays at Kanha Resort. I though coronavirus must have destroyed all the benefits of my membership that I bought in 2019, but luckily I could avail this great opportunity. It was a mesmerising experience visiting the jungles and looking for the royal tiger. I wish we could see one, but the weather was terrible. We visited the local Mocha village and it was a great experience as we learnt a lot about the culture there. It was a lifetime experience and the resort were luxurious. We cherish every minute of ours spent at Club Mahindra and I do plan to retake the membership because of this great holiday experience.

  • Jocky Brandon

    Club Mahindra reviews have always been fantastic, and I too would like to share my holiday experience at the beautiful Kanha – no tiger but great stay at Club Mahindra resorts.

  • Vivek Goutam

    My Club Mahindra membership reviews have always been fantastic, and this is my third experience with Club Mahindra. I had thought this would be my last, but I again renewed my membership. Great benefits.

  • Hussain Ahmed

    I would like to submit Club Mahindra resort reviews for the first time as I have taken such a 5 star holiday for the first time. My budget was low, so I never took a 5-star holiday. But this was great on the pocket.

  • Hussain Ahmed

    I would like to submit Club Mahindra resort reviews for the first time as I have taken such a 5 star holiday for the first time. My budget was low, so I never took a 5-star holiday. But this was great on the pocket.

  • Sunil Kumar

    Club Mahindra holidays in resorts has been a great experience and this thrilled my family and me. Kanha is a beautiful place and Club Mahindra has given us a great holiday experience.

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