With lush green fields, colourful little houses, clear blue skies, and gorgeous landscapes, villages in India have a unique charm. The essence of the country is in the villages, and each one has a story to tell. Since India is an agricultural state, a lot of the country’s progress depends on the well-being of its villages. While most people go to hill stations and exotic beach towns for vacations, there’s a lot to be explored in the villages.

If you’re planning a family holiday or a vacation with friends, and want a unique experience, here are some famous villages in India that you must visit.

Upplan, Punjab

Located in the Patiala district of Punjab, this village boasts the most creative water reservoirs. Every household in this village has a water reservoir that tells a story with water tanks. From airplanes, farm animals, and birds to tractors, football players, and more, you will see the most unique structures on top of water tanks in this village. Each structure tells a story that has emotional significance in the lives of the people residing there.

Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

We can’t even imagine leaving our house without locking the door. Can you imagine living in a house without a door? This unique village in India boasts houses with no locks and no doors. It is named after Lord Shani whose shrine protects the entire village. Legend has it that Lord Shani appeared one night in the village headman’s dream and demanded that his shrine be built. His only condition was that the shrine shouldn’t have a roof so that he protects the villagers without any hindrance. The villagers’ belief is so strong that they don’t have a door to their houses. Some leave a wooden panel at the front door to leave out animals, but there are no locks. They even leave their wallets and belongings unlocked because they believe Lord Shani will protect them from thieves and burglars. 

Barwan Kala, Bihar

This town had the highest number of bachelors in any village in Bihar. For over 50 years, not a single wedding took place in this village. This village was cut off from the world and had no power, electricity, or irrigation for the longest time. Nobody from the neighbouring villages was willing to give their hand in marriage to the men in this village. A few years ago, a road was built between Barwan Kala and the neighbouring hills by the frustrated villagers, and they welcomed their first bride in over 50 years a couple of years ago. 

Mayong, Assam

This quaint little village on the banks of the Brahmaputra river in Assam is known as the Black magic capital of India. This unique village in India has become a popular tourist destination owing to its mystical history in black magic. Witchcraft and necromancy have been passed down here by generations. The villagers practice black magic and also Ayurveda and palmistry. Tourists can speak to the locals and even witness the magical treatment of diseases through Ayurveda. 

Rongdoi, Assam

Even to date, India is known to be the land of superstitions. To please the rain gods and ensure a good harvest, the villagers marry wild frogs. The wedding takes place like any other human wedding with traditional marriage rituals. Villagers gather at the community hall to witness the wedding and join in on the celebration. It would be an interesting experience to attend a frog wedding celebrated with so much zest.

Shetpal, Maharashtra

In this remote village in Maharashtra, snakes are revered and worshipped by every household. The villagers have built devasthanam (home of the deity) inside their homes for these snakes, especially cobras to reside. The villagers and cobras in this village live in perfect harmony. A corner in every house is kept free for cobras to come and cool off at any time of the day. Snakes are considered pets in this village. They even visit classrooms when school is in session. It would be a unique experience to live so closely with cobras. 

The history of India lies in these unique villages in India. Each village has a story to tell, and there is so much to learn! Plan a trip to one of these villages and get to know more about their heritage, culture, and what makes them unique. 

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