Growing old has its own perks. Now that you are not obliged to follow a strict routine or are bound by deadlines, you can have all the free time you have been craving for long. Also, with your kids grown up, you can finally chase your dreams, and do things you love. You can pick a new hobby, learn to play a musical instrument, do gardening, etc. The world is now your oyster, and you can seek new adventures and get new experiences by travelling to different places. 

After you hang your boots, you can use the leisure time to travel with your partner, and expand your worldview. While travelling, apart from seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new cuisine, you can also enjoy indulging in an array of special activities for senior citizens with Club Mahindra. 

Club Mahindra Bliss Membership – Your Gateway to Travel Activities 

Club Mahindra offers premium family holiday experience through memberships. It has more than 100 resorts in India and abroad. CM offers different types of memberships, as senior citizens, you can opt for Club Mahindra Bliss. It is a 10-year membership specially offered to people who are older than 50 years.  

It is a customised membership program that caters to your specific travel goals and needs. It gives you free access to enjoy a wonderful holidaying experience at any time you want and to any place of your choice. Apart from offering premium living rooms, no matter where you are going at Club Mahindra resorts, you can enjoy a range of exciting activities at resorts.

Activities for Senior Citizens at Club Mahindra Resorts 

Boating in Cherai 

Cherai is a beautiful coastal town in Kochi, Kerala that is well known for its golden sand beaches. It is an excellent holiday destination for all, and as a senior citizen, you would especially love the place. The serene and calm environment is a haven where you can just relax and chill.  

During your stay at the resorts in Club Mahindra Cherai resort, one of the best resorts in Kochi, you can indulge in activities like a houseboat ride over the famed backwaters of Kerala. Sailing over the calm water, surrounded by the natural beauty all around, is an experience that you won’t forget for a long time.  

Apart from boating, you can enjoy activities like fishing at a private lake, cooking with the chef, where you can learn a thing or two about the Kerala cuisine, and the secret behind the delicious curries that come from God’s Own Country. Also, you and your partner can get a relaxing and soothing ayurvedic massage.  

Safari Ride in Dharamshala 

If you have been waiting a long time to enjoy a vacation with your loved one in the mountains, Dharamshala could be the perfect place for you. The undeniable charm, the spiritual vibe, and the tranquil environment of Dharamshala, attracts many tourists of all age groups from all over the world throughout the year.  

Located on the foothills of the Dhauladhar range and surrounded by untouched forest all around, Dharamshala is one of the best hill stations in India, and as senior citizens, you can be sure to have one of the best holiday experiences you have had.  

During your stay at resorts in Dharamshala by Club Mahindra, you can wake up to the most exciting views of the hills nearby. And, whether you want to relax or want to have some and indulge in some adventure there are many activities for senior citizens here to suit your needs.  

You can go on a safari ride into the wilderness and spot wildlife in their local habitat and get up close and personal with the endemic flora and fauna. If you are a cricket fan, you can take a trip to the world’s highest cricket stadium. The view around the stadium is surreal, and a cynosure to the eye.  

Mahal Tours in Jaipur 

Popularly known as the ‘Pink City,’ Jaipur is a city of royalty. The magnificent mahals, the havelis, the palaces, are not only architectural marvels but also stand a testament to the glorious history and cultural heritage of the region.  

While in the city of royals, you can enjoy getting a royal treatment by checking-in to the Jaipur Resort by Club Mahindra. At the resort, you can get a taste of the traditional Rajasthani hospitality, and enjoy local delicacies like Laal Mass, and Gatte ki Sabzi.  

One of the most favourite activities here is the Mahal tour where you can explore the city, and visit the many royal structures, known for its rich history, and significance. Other holiday activities for senior citizens at the resort include, a candlelight dinner by the pool, yoga session in the lawn and maharaja dining experience, where you can enjoy a meal like the royals.  

Learn Towel Origami in Manali 

An idyllic town located on the foothills of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is the perfect place to escape the city chaos and retreat peacefully in the lapse of nature. The natural beauty that surrounds you will make you fall in love with the city instantly. You can visit the town any time of the year, and you would surely be itching to come back again even before your current trip ends.  

While in Manali, you can either stay at the Club Mahindra Snow Peaks or Club Mahindra Meadows both the resorts ensure that you have an extraordinary time here. Apart from gorging on delicious meals that include Himachal delicacies, you can indulge in activities like towel origami. It is a favourite activity among all tourists, especially the elderly citizens. 

Learning a new skill in your old age is an enriching experience. Besides, you can take a folk-dance class, where the experts teach you to move your feet to the local folk songs. Dancing is not only a great entertainment but also provides you much-needed exercise and helps you stay nimble and fit. 

About Club Mahindra

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. (MHRIL), a part of Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group, offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships and brings to the industry values such as reliability, trust and customer satisfaction. Started in 1996, the company's flagship brand ‘Club Mahindra’, today has over 250,000 members , who can holiday at 100+ resorts in India and abroad.

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