If you have still not planned your holiday for this year, then this is the time you start, especially if you are planning during the long summer holidays or just when the spring season sets in. Here is a list of all weekends in 2024 and the places you can visit during for the remaining year. You can use these holidays to travel to all the places you love or have been waiting for a long time. 

This blog will help you choose the places near your stay and plan 2024 long weekends around these holidays well ahead of time.

March is kicking things off with a long weekend, and we've got the entire year's list of long weekends lined up for you. It's the perfect roadmap to transform those fleeting thoughts into solid plans.

Beach vibes, city lights, or mountain serenity – your call. This blog is your quick guide of long weekends 2024 to making those travel dreams a reality. So, let's get plotting and make 2024 your year of unforgettable getaways!

Complete List of Long Weekends of 2024





Republic Day






Good Friday


April 9 or 10


Tuesday or Wednesday


Ram Navami



Mahavir Jayanti



Buddha Purnima


June 16 or 17


Sunday or Monday





Independence Day





September 15 or 16


Sunday or Monday


Gandhi Jayanti









Guru Nanak Jayanti





This blog will help you find the 2024 long weekends around these holidays so that you can plan your trip well ahead of time.

In your fast-paced life, these extra little holidays come as a massive relief and allow you to unwind and relax. You can escape the daily routine and get new experiences that you can cherish for the rest of your lives. So, without any further ado, we bring you a full list of long weekends in 2024 and the list of places you can travel to during these holidays.

Here is a list of long weekends in India in 2024:


Long Weekend Date

No. of Days for Holiday

New Year's Day

Saturday, December 30

Three days of long weekend

Republic Day

Friday, January 26

Three days of long weekend

Maha Shivaratri

Friday, March 8

Three days of long weekend


Monday, March 25

Three days of long weekend

Good Friday

Friday, March 29

Three days of long weekend

Buddha Purnima

Thursday, May 23

Four days of long weekend (with one day leave)

Bakri Id / Eid ul-Adha

Sunday, June 15 or Monday, June 16

Three days of long weekend 

Independence Day

Thursday, August 15

Four days of long weekend (with one day leave)


Monday, August 26

Three days of long weekend

Milad un Nabi

Sunday, September 14 or Monday, September 15

Three days of long weekend

Diwali / Deepavali

Friday, November 1

Three days of long weekend

Guru Nanak Jayanti

Friday, November 11

Three days of long weekend


Destination to Plan a Long Weekend in India

Long Weekend in January - Long Weekend 2024

  • First Long Weekend in January

January 13th (Saturday) – Lohri

January 14th (Sunday) – Weekly off

January 15th (Monday) – Makar Sankranti / Pongal

  • Second Long Weekend in January

January 26th (Friday) – Republic Day

January 27th and 28th (Saturday and Sunday) – Weekly off

The long weekends in 2024 start with the first month of the year in January. And not just one, you have two long weekends in the month.  You can use these three days of holiday and travel to new places to witness festive celebrations and have fun. If you are not sure where to go, we recommend going to Gujarat and attend the Rann of Kutch Festival or Rann Utsav. 

Rann is a majestic place, a white sand desert that looks absolutely surreal. Makar Sankranti is one of the major festivals celebrated in Gujarat, and at the festival you can see people flying colourful kites of different shapes and sizes. 

January is also a wonderful time to visit Kutch because the weather is pleasant and you can comfortably explore the nearby places and also take part in various outdoor activities. 

Long Weekend in March - Long Weekend 2024

  • First Long Weekend in March

March 8th (Friday) – Maha Shivrati

March 9th (Saturday) – Weekly Off

March 10th (Sunday) – Weekly off

  • Second Long Weekend in March

March 23rd and March 24th (Saturday and Sunday) – Weekend

March 25th (Monday) – Holi

  • Third Long Weekend in March

March 29th (Friday) – Good Friday

March 30th and March 31st (Saturday and Sunday) – Weekend

The onset of March signals the start of the summer season in India. With the temperatures soaring high every day, it would be a good time for you to escape to a place to cool and relax in the laps of nature. And, guess what? If you look at the Public Holidays 2024 list, you will see that the holidays are closer to the weekends. 

This means you have all the reasons to plan a wonderful family holiday on these days. What makes March even better is that there are not just one or two, but three long weekends. You can go on a holiday on any of these occasions or go to a different destination on long weekends in March 2024

If you were to take our suggestion, we would tell you to go northwards to either Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand. You can go to Shimla, ‘the queen of hills.’ Being a hill station, the weather here is cool and pleasant, while the rest of the country reels under the scorching heat. The city has plenty of amazing tourist spots that you can explore. 

You can make your holiday to Shimla even better by booking your stay at Club Mahindra Shimla Resort, one of the most premium resorts in Shimla. Nestled comfortably in the hills amidst the most pristine natural setting, the resort offers the perfect balance of comfort and nature, enriching your holiday experience. 

Long Weekend in April - Long Weekend 2024

6th April (Saturday) - Weekend

7th April (Sunday) - Weekend

8th April (Monday)- Take a day off

9th April (Tuesday) - Holiday in Maharastra

Long Weekend in June - Long Weekend 2024

June 15th and June 16th (Saturday and Sunday) – Weekend

June 17th (Monday) – Bakri Eid

June 18th (Tuesday) – Take a day off

The 2024 holiday long weekend list is exciting and if you have not been able to utilise the long weekends in the first half of the year, it is high time you take a break. June gives you a wonderful opportunity to travel anywhere you want with a 4-day long weekend. Use this holiday to get way from the city chaos and give your mind and body the much-deserved time off. 

June signals the start of the monsoon season, and the sweet scent of the petrichor sweeps the entire country. The fresh bout of showers comes as a great respite from the blazing sun. In June, you can travel to Goa or Kerala, both places are a paradise for beach lovers. 

In June and July, these places do not have the usual buzz, and there are not many tourists around. This makes Goa and Kerala the perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday. You can explore all the popular tourist spots at your own pace without worrying about the crowd. 

Long Weekend in August - Long Weekend 2024

  • First Long Weekend in August

August 15th (Thursday) – Independence Day

August 16th (Friday) – Take a day off

August 17th and August 18th (Saturday and Sunday) – Weekend

August 19th (Monday) – Raksha Bandhan

  • Second Long Weekend in August

August 24th and August 25th (Saturday and Sunday) – Weekend 

August 26th (Monday) – Janmashtami

In India, the festival season starts from August and with two long weekends in the month, you can already look forward to August 2024. During this time of the year, most of the country receives significant rainfall, and there is greenery all around, which makes it the best month to travel and enjoy nature. 

Among the many places to go in August, we recommend going to Udaipur, the city of lakes. The city boasts of an undeniable royal vibe, which are accentuated by the royal palaces, forts and mahals. Unlike, rest of India, Udaipur receives rains sparingly and the weather is great here in August. 

You can experience the Rajput royalty, the delicious local cuisine and the vibrant culture of the city by staying at Club Mahindra Udaipur. It is the perfect abode for all your Udaipur adventures. 

Long Weekend in November - Long Weekend 2024

November 1st (Friday) – Diwali

November 2nd and November 3rd (Saturday and Sunday) – Weekend

Diwali is undoubtedly the biggest festival in India. The sound of the celebrations reverberates throughout the country. The festival of lights illuminates the entire country, literally. The festive season and the long weekend give you the perfect reason to plan a family holiday.

Since November is the start of the winter season, the weather is pleasant in most parts of the country. But, there is one place where you can enjoy the weather and natural beauty, i.e., Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. 

A popular hill station, Mahabaleshwar is also known as the land of strawberries, and during the winter season, you can relish the fresh berries straight from the farm. You can experience the best of everything the city has to offer by staying at Club Mahindra Sherwood, one of the most premium and family resorts in Mahabaleshwar. 

So, there you go, you have the list of long weekends in 2024 and the best places to visit on these holidays. Mark these holidays on your calendar, and head off to your favourite destination. 

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