“Eat in Surat for the ultimate experience of the soul.”

This popular saying makes one wonder what is it about the Diamond City that has people coming from all over the country to experience a Surati gastronomical extravaganza. One of the fastest-growing cities in India with a rich history and tradition, Surat is known for its street food as much as it is known for its diamond-polishing and silk industries. 

If you are a traveller who let’s their love for food guide their travel plans, take a look at all the amazing foods that Surat has to offer:

  •  Locho 

Ask any Surati what is the first local food item you should try, and they’ll tell you about this gram flour-based snack. Similar to khaman but with an irregular consistency, Locho is best eaten with green chutney, onions, crispy sev, spices, and coriander.  

  • Undhiyu

Derived from the word “undhu” which means upside down, undhiyu is a mixed vegetable casserole made of one of the most popular local ingredients called Surati papdi. The dish can be made a little sweet although traditionally it is a tad spicy. Most cooks make ‘muthiya’ as well for the undhiyu which is made from methi and gram flour. Usually made during winters because of the seasonal availability of the papdi, Undhiyu is something you can eat with rice, chapatis, or by itself. Many local households eat undhiyu with shrikhand and puri. 

  • Ghari

Legend states that this sweet was made for the freedom fighters during the 1857 revolts to give them strength. Made from ghee, mawa, dry fruits, and sugar, Ghari is a must-have during celebrations and festivals in Surat. Just like eating jalebi-fafda is a ritual for many on Dussehra, Ghari is a traditional sweet to have on Chandani Padva, the day after Sharad Poornima. 

  • Ponk vada 

This fried snack will make you a little skeptical at first, but one bite of the scrumptious vada will make even the most oil-aversive individuals rethink their stance. Ponk vada is made from tender jowar which is available only during winter months around Surat. So, if you want to get your hands on this incredibly popular snack, make sure you time your visit to the city well! Perhaps, you could start your day with ponk vadas and end it with a serving of undhiyu on a winter-y day!

  • Dabeli

If Mumbai has the vada pav, Surat has the dabeli. If Mumbai has the pav bhaji, Surat has the…well, dabeli. This easy-to-eat snack is made up of boiled potatoes, special dabeli masala, garlic, chillies, and other ingredients, and served in a pav, making it similar to eating pav bhaji and vada pav. Although originating in the Kutch region of Gujarat, the delectable Dabeli made its way into the hearts of Suratis quite a long time back. Grab this ‘Kutchi Burger’ the next time you are in Surat, and don’t forget to tell the vendor if you want it sweet or spicy! 

  • Khaman dhokla 

As soft as clouds, khaman dhokla is not something you can just have one piece of. Made from channa gram flour or freshly ground channa daal, semolina, lemon juice, and curd, khaman dhokla tastes great with coriander or green chutney, and maybe even papaya chutney if you have a taste for it! 

When to visit Surat?

It’s always ‘best time to visit Gujaratbut for Surat, the best time is between October and February. So, head to this famous city and get a load of Surat special food.

How to plan a trip to Surat?

It may be a good idea to plan more places to visit in Gujarat and add Surat to the itinerary. Consider staying at a resort in Gujarat for an authentic Gujarati experience. Check out Club Mahindra resorts in Gujarat in Ahmedabad, Junagadh, Dwarka, Nadiad, and Nandej where you get not only a great accommodation but also unique local experiences. You can plan a trip to Surat from any of these places.

So, are your taste buds ready to gorge on all the appetizing Surat food?

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