A stay in the tranquil and verdant Madikeri deserves a hearty indulgence. Whether it is the distinct mutton curries for lunch or Nool Puttu – the traditional string hoppers of Kerala – or the flavoursome preparations of rice, the food in Coorg is a treat for the taste buds. For the vegetarians there are finger licking curries made from wild mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mangoes, pumpkins and other vegetables. At our Club Mahindra Madikeri resort in Coorg, our chefs will serve you authentic Madikeri food prepared with delicious, age-old recipes! Our guests are pampered with dishes from other cuisines, too, at the resort’s restaurants – Green Cardamom, Coffee Blossoms and Mercara.

We decided to give you a glimpse into the food that is served in our Madikeri resort, the preparations and a few specialities that you simply cannot miss out on!

• Kids Special Menu at Green Cardamom

When it comes to feeding kids, there is a whole different tactic involved and serving the traditional items does not always work. While most kids will not easily eat chicken curries and spicy kebabs, they truly love a nice indulgence. At Madikeri we have a customised kid’s menu that has crumbed chicken nuggets, kid’s pizza and also a tomato sauce flavoured spaghetti which is tasty as well fun to binge on.

• Delicious Kebabs at Green Cardamom


Hand cured chicken cubes are soaked overnight in fenugreek enriched marinade and are then finished off in tandoor which makes for some really delicious mouth-watering kebabs. These are a great option during the winters and a cup of hot filter coffee with some kebabs can sort your day out beautifully. The Madikeri resort also serves various kebabs such as the fish tikka kebab or he mushroom kebab.

• Bisi Bele Hulianna

Karnatak’s most famous bisi bela bhaat is on the menu at Club Mahindra Madikeri resort and we ensure that we keep it spicy and as authentic to a truly kannada household as possible. Imagine walking into a kannada household and sampling some bisi bela right in their home, and that is the exact feeling you will be left with when you gorge on this hot flavourful preparation during your visit to the Madikeri resort, Coorg.

• Elachi Nala Malu Bharthad

With crushed peppercorn, this is a dish that is as flavourful as lamb can get. This lamb dish is exclusively for meat lovers who often are left unhappy with the abundance of chicken and veg options on the menu. At Madikeri, we take care of all your preferences.

• Tea Time at Planter’s Club

From minced lamb kebabs to tandoor mushroom, delicious skewered vegetable kebabs to even pizzas and burgers, there is an ample amount that one can pick from during tea time at the resort. Get a nice spa and indulge in a lunch, take a quick dip at the pool around late afternoon and then head to the Planter’s Club for some snacks and a nice cup of joe.


• Continental Surprise at BBQ Bay

For everyone who has been binging continuously on the Indian food available at the resort or even outside the property, it can get a little tiring to consume the same ingredients in different kinds of preparations, however unique the dishes are. We offer a wide variety of choice which you can pick from when you decide to change your palate for a day or two.

• Dining- In with Coffee Blossoms

The dining -in service at Madikeri means you can sit in the comfort of your room and just order in while you watch tv or relax on the bed. Most members tend to get exhausted after a whole day of swimming, activities, spa and sight seeing which means dinner can always be in the room. Right? Well, we have left that upto you. There are various options to pick from and ending the meal with a cup of hot filter coffee is a great idea.

Along with relishing the famous local Coorgi food at Madikeri resort, here is a list of other things to do in Coorg to make the most of your family vacation in Madikeri, Coorg.

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