The festival of Holi is a celebration of good over evil. Primarily associated with the use of colour of every possible shade you can imagine on a palette, the festival is celebrated with much zeal and cheer all over India. The celebrations typically start early in the morning with boys and girls revelling in gulaal play and trying to duck and dodge the water balloons. 

After hours of dancing and merry-making on the streets and with families throughout the morning, the spirit of the festival is carried on by feasting on the special and traditional delicacies in the later afternoon and evenings. With Holi 2023 just around the corner, which occurs on March 8, let us pledge to celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way with no water and focus more on munching these delicious Holi festival foods. 

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Let us just say Holi is synonymous with Gujiyas. Nothing spells the spirit of Holi better than a plate of decadent and traditional delicacy, Gujiyas, that everyone loves to munch on. Popular mainly in north and western states of India like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab, these fried dough pockets have a generous filling of jaggery, nuts, and khoya, and then soaked in sugar syrup, make it a delight to eat, make the festive occasion ‘sweeter.’

Today, you can find different varieties of Gujiyas with flavoured fillings, including chocolate, pista, and sugar-free gujiyas. So, take your pick and enjoy these delicious bites with your friends and family.


To enjoy playing Holi and moving your feet to the Holi beats blaring out from every corner for hours, you need energy, and a lot of it. This is why the people of Bihar, Jharkhand and some parts of Uttar Pradesh start their day with a hearty and heavy breakfast consisting of the traditional food of Holi, Dhuska. 

It is a deep-fried dish made with dal, rice, chillies, and garlic that is served with Ghugni, a simple curry made of black chickpeas or chana, as the locals call it. If you are visiting any of these places to witness Holi celebrations, make sure to indulge yourself in this traditional Holi food and keep going on with your festivities and revelries. 

Puran Poli

An integral part of Holi traditional cuisine in Maharashtra and perhaps Karnataka, Puran Poli is something you cannot miss having while you are in Mumbai, Pune or any other city in Maharashtra. This delectable dish is basically chapati or roti with a sweet stuffing made of chana dal and sugar. 

The dish is easy to make and a staple food in all Maharashtrian homes during Holi. The sweet filling and the savour outer create a perfect harmony of flavours. Typically served with a dollop of ghee (thoop, as the locals call it), every bite will make you go ummmmm!

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Holi celebrations cannot be complete without a glass of Thandai, a cool and refreshing beverage that cleanses your palate after enjoying all the decadent and greasy Holi foods. Every sip of it will leave you with a feeling of ‘aaahh’ and send you into a state of utmost bliss. 

Thandai is a traditional Indian beverage popular mostly in northern states like UP, Rajasthan, and Bihar, and it is a must-have drink during Holi. The beverage is essentially a milky concoction, which has rich ingredients like dried fruits, nuts, seeds, saffron and aromatic spices.

Namak Pare

There is something about Holi that makes you feel like munching on something all the time. You cannot possibly delve into a plate full of papdi chaat or chole kulcha every time you feel like noshing. But you surely nibble on the ever-so-delicious Namak Pare, aka Namak Para, every time the cravings kick in. 

It is a bite-sized, diamond-shaped, and deep-fried savoury snack that looks like a pastry strip cut into smaller pieces. The traditional recipe is simple and is made of refined flour and ghee seasoned with salt, jeera (cumin seeds), and ajwain (carom seeds). 

It is one of the most traditional foods of Holi, and it is extremely popular in states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. A favourite among kids and adults, Namak Para also makes for a perfect accompaniment with a cup of piping hot tea or chai.

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So, there you have a list of the most delicious and famous traditional Holi dishes from different parts of India that make Holi celebrations even better. Which of these dishes are you most excited about trying? Well, today, almost all these dishes are available everywhere in India. Stock up your pantry with these dishes and have a gala time!

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