Travelling means different things for different people. For some, travelling is all about backpacking and heading off to an unknown destination, with no particular itinerary and enjoying the experiences. For others, it may be a family holiday to a beach, where they can chill, and relax. And there are others who relate travelling to road trips 

Whether you are travelling for a holiday or work, while you are on the road, you must be well-prepared to ensure that you have a smooth journey until you reach your destination. If you are planning a road trip, you may focus your attention on carrying the right kind of clothes and other essentials, but you may miss one critical factor, food! 

While you are on a road trip, you must ensure that you have sufficient food supply and more importantly you must eat the right food. During your journey, you may find many eateries that you may feel tempted to try. But it is important to eat healthy so that you stay healthy. So, on your next road trip, ensure that you always carry some healthy travel snacks that you can depend on when hunger pangs come calling.

Nutrition Bars 

Nutrition bars are one of the best travel snacks. They are healthy, tasty, and fulfilling. When you are out on the road, driving through an unknown territory, and you feel hungry, you can easily satiate your hunger with nutrition bars. It is a much safer option than eating any roadside stall.  

Also, most nutrition bars are made of healthy ingredients like nuts, granola, etc., which provides you with a good amount of energy needed to keep moving forward.  


Road trip snacks need not always be the canned or packet food items. Yon can either pack in a few fruits in your backpack or buy some seasonal fruits along the way. Just make sure that you thoroughly wash them before eating. Fruits like bananas, or apples are always a safe choice. You can eat them anytime, and get your daily supply of nutrients while keeping the hunger pangs at bay. 

Roasted nuts 

If your idea of snacking is eating healthy, then you must definitely carry some roasted nuts in your travel bag; they make for excellent travel food. You can pack nuts like pistachios, peanuts, almonds, etc in an air-tight bag or jar. When you feel hungry while driving, you can have them dry or pair them with milk. Nuts are absolutely healthy, and help improve your overall health.  

Baked potato chips 

Chips are a favourite snack item among people of all age groups, right? It is a wonderful travel snack for eating anytime of the day. However, instead of the deep-fried ones, you can carry the baked chips. They are crispy, easy-to-eat, tasty and more importantly do no harm to your health.  

You can easily get baked potato chips from any grocery store. If not, you make them at home as well. You can cut some thin slices of potatoes, sprinkle some salt, and bake it in the oven, it's easy-peasy!


If you are looking for some healthy travel snack ideas while going on a road trip with your kids, you can pack some sandwiches with you. It is a common Indian snack, and can be a great saviour when kids feel hungry in the middle of the trip. Sandwiches are easy to make too. Just spread butter and your kid’s favourite sauce on the bread with slices of vegetables, and you are good to go.  

The vegetables provide your children with necessary nutrients and make them feel full for long. The last thing you would want while going on a road trip is kids being cranky due to hunger.  

So, there you have a list of healthy and tasty travel snacks that you can carry on a road trip. You may never have to go hungry or eat unhealthy and junk food again while travelling. 

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