Japanese cuisine is world famous, and it is as diverse, colourful and beautiful as its culture. The world knows about Sushi and Ramen, however, Japanese food has so much more depth to it and there are many other dishes that are popular and are worth trying.  

So, if you are planning to visit Japan anytime soon, here are some of the best Japanese food you must try to get a taste of the rich Japanese food culture. 


Among the different types of noodle dishes you may find in Japan, Udon is an internationally popular food, and it looks similar to Ramen. Udon is essentially a thick noodle made from wheat flour, and it is served with a broth made of soy sauce, mirin and dashi. There are different types of Udon with different flavour profiles, which you can try.  

Udon can be served hot or cold, depending on the season and personal preference. You can try Udon with a side of tempura for a more robust and complete meal.  

Miso Soup 

When you talk about popular Japanese dishes, you cannot leave out Miso Soup. You can have this heart-warming soup anytime of the day, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simple and flavourful, this soup is a staple of Japanese cuisine.  

The main ingredient of the soup is dashi, and the stock is mixed with miso paste and other ingredients as per individual preference. If you try miso soup in any Japanese restaurant, it may be served with mushroom, fish, scallions, tofu, and shrimps.  

A comfort food for many Japanese locals, you must have this soup in the winter, it will fill your tummy and heart with immense warmth. 


Yakitori is the Japanese version of the on-the-go pick-up food, like the hot dogs in the US. The Japanese locals like to pick us some Yakitori while going for a sports match or in a rush and want to eat on the go. Yakitori, literally means barbecue chicken, and they are small skewers of bite-size chicken pieces that are seasoned with salt and brushed with soy sauce or mirin rice wine.  

You can find different varieties of this famous Japanese food throughout the country. However, the most popular and common varieties are momo, which is made of chicken thigh, and tsukune, which is made of chicken meatballs.  


Donburi is a rice bowl dish that is as popular as Ramen and Sushi, and the most preferred choice of one-bowl meal among Japanese workers. Donburi is made by simmering or frying chicken/pork meat, fish and vegetables that are served with steamed rice in a large bowl called Donburi. 

You can find different varieties of this Japanese meal in different parts of Japan. But, the most common types are Oyakodon (made with simmered chicken, egg, and green onions) and Kasudon (made with deep-fried pork cutlets, onions and egg). 


A versatile and healthy Japanese dish, Tamagoyaki can be enjoyed for lunch, dinner or breakfast. The name of the dish literally translates to cooked egg in Japanese language. It is basically an omelette made by meticulously cooking and rolling up many layers of eggs and seasoned with soy sauce and sugar (optional).  

A freshly made Tamagoyaki looks similar to rolled up crepe, and you can eat it by itself as a full meal or you can have it with rice and curry.  


Gyoza is a dumpling that has a filling of minced meat, green onions, mushroom, and cabbage, wrapped in a gyoza wrapper and shaped like a half moon. It is cooked by frying until the outside is golden brown and then steamed for about 2-3 minutes so that the meat inside is moist and juicy. Every bit of Gyoza oozes deliciousness. When you are in Japan, it is one of the must-try dishes.  

Japanese food is truly incredible. The more you try, the more you carve. Try as many of these Japanese dishes and more on your trip to Japan, and you would surely fall in love with the food there. 

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