Freshly plucked mango leaves and flowers, sewn into a garland adorn the doors of traditional homes. Eye-catchy rangolis made out of gaudy colors turn otherwise empty patios, alluring. Kids in festive clothes and women in traditional Nauvaree saree gather in the Puja Ghar. Considered as one of the holiest Indian festivals, Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. 

Popularly known as Gudi Padwa, Ugadi festival, and Yugadi, call it a festival of Maharashtra or festival of Karnataka, and that of Andhra Pradesh, it is a devotional celebration carrying similar significance across states. Synonymous with food, this spring festival has a special menu featuring conventional recipes that are passed down to generations. Considered a great time to cook delectable delights for friends and family, here are 8 special dishes that you can try preparing at home.

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Kairi Panha

The pick-me-up kind, during summers, Kairi Panha also known as Aam Panha is a drink that compliments the feast laid down for Gudi Padwa. Prepared by boiling fresh raw mangoes this tangy and soul-quenching beverage can easily be made at home. All one needs to do is to add just the right amount of sugar, cumin powder, black salt, and tamarind to cooked mango pulp. Leave it to cool for some time. Topping it up with small chunks of raw mango, neem flowers, and coconut is going to be perfect. 

Puran Poli

Amazingly delicious, Puran Poli once served on your plate is sure to make you drool. Locally known as Holige in Karnataka and Boli/ Poli in Tamil Nadu, Puran Poli is one of the much-loved food dishes in Gudi Padwa. A sweetbread stuffed with jaggery and Bengal gram, this zesty dish is prepared by mixing besan with chana daal and is cooked in lots of ghee. Sink your teeth in soft and fluffy Puran Poli and feel it melt in your mouth. Heavenly! is what it tastes like.  

Kairi Panha Puran Poli

Sabudana Vada

Feel the crunch in every bite, the crispy Sabudana Vada is a quick snack to cook and serve in Gudi Padwa. All you need is sabudana and potatoes that are bonded together and patted with a dough prepared by mixing crushed peanuts, coriander leaves, green chilies, lemon juice, and salt. Shaped in the form of small patties, these are shallow fried and served best with spicy green chutney and curd. 


Intense flavors of Pulihora are sure to make your mouth water and make you beg for more. This festive dish cooked at the time of Gudi Padwa puts to use rice, coconut, peanuts, chilly, turmeric, salt, and several other spices. Piquant, Pulihora goes well with a steaming bowl of sambar or raita. Serving portions of this dish on a banana leaf makes it a lot tempting. 


Utterly rich and sweet, the festival of Gudi Padwa is incomplete without Shrikhand. Dip your spoons in this luscious delicacy and delight in its unique taste. To prepare this dessert you need to have, milk, yogurt, powdered sugar, and cardamom powder. Once cooked, drizzle over this dish, a few pistas, almonds, saffron strands, or gulkand. Creamy and sugary, Shrikhand is a fantabulous dessert worth savoring. 

Sabudana Vada Pulihora

Panchras Goli 

Panchras Goli, one of the food dishes prepared in Ugadi, is not -to-missed. Munch on this delectable Gudi Padwa dish and tantalize your tastebuds. Panchras Goli is made out of bhaji which is prepared by mixing urad daal, ajwain, neem, sugar, salt, and tamarind. This mixture is shaped into small dumplings that are put in oil and deep-fried until they turn golden brown. Serve them hot on the plate coupled with a gravy or coconut chutney. Bet on it, you can’t eat just one. 

Mango Sambar 

Cosset your palates with Mango Sambar full of the goodness of flavours.  Its exotic ingredients comprising of raw mango, arhar daal, onion, garlic cloves, ginger, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chili, salt, turmeric powder, white urad daal, asafoetida, and sprig curry leaves, make it stand out from the rest. Extremely succulent Mango Sambar when served with rice or roti is surely going to make you loosen your belt.   

Rava Ladoo

Pop in one after the other, yes Rava Ladoo is meant to offer you this feeling. A marvelous dessert, it doesn’t take a lot to prepare. Fetch some Rava, sugar syrup, or jaggery and ghee and you will be able to make them at home in no time. An irresistible sweet dish, this one is sure to haunt your tongue for a long while. 

Shrikhand Rava Ladoo

Set off for a gastronomic ride across diverse flavors this Gudi Padwa and Ugadi and gratify your cravings. Fuel up and feel good as this festive season is here to offer you endless eating options. Try out these recipes at home and match in the festive vibe. Sample unmissable dishes and be a part of a superb dining experience.


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