The cricket fever has well and truly gripped the nation as one of the most loved and watched tournaments is underway. Just as the top 10 teams are competing for the coveted trophy, you and your family can participate in a travel contest and enjoy going on a fun family vacation by participating in the cricket-style Family Premier League Sesaon 3 contest by Club Mahindra where Sunil Grover is a participant. 

Sounds exciting, and has got you curious to know more?

Family Premier League – What is it?

The Family Premier League (FPL) is a one-of-a-kind contest that gives 75 families that are non-Club Mahindra members a chance to win a 2 Night 3 Day holiday at the Club Mahindra Resort. There are 10 teams that are carefully curated to reflect the different holiday preference and personality of the families in India.

To participate in the content, you must choose any team that you think best describes your family holidays and upload a family holiday picture that brings out the true essence of the team’s name. We will select the best picture, and if you are lucky, you and your family can enjoy an amazing holiday experience at the 100+ Club Mahindra Resorts.

What are the team names in FPL?

Just like in cricket, the teams that participate in the league contests have a unique name, we have given our teams an interesting name. 

  •         The Kings of Adventure
  •         The Family Royals
  •         The Mountain Super Kings
  •         The RoadTrip Riders
  •         The Beach Indians
  •         The Capital Foodies
  •         The Wildlife Challengers
  •         The Sunrise Chasers
  •         Staycation Super Giants
  •         The Titans of Safari

The team names capture the spirit of the different travel themes. You and your family can choose to be a part of the team that best describes your travel preference or personality.

For example, if you are someone you love to try out new cuisines and are always on the lookout for discovering a new restaurant or trying the local delicacy, you could be on the team Capital Foodies.

In contrast, if you are an ardent nature lover and all your family holidays revolve around being in the wild and witnessing nature at its uninhibited best, your family will be an ideal fit for team Wildlife Challengers.

So, bring out those family holiday albums, choose the best picture that shows your vacation spirit in the most prominent way.

How to participate in the FPL contest?

Participating in the PFL contest is easy. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Family Premier League Microsite
  • Next, on the Family Premier League page, choose your favourite team.
  • Upload the picture of your family holiday that reflects the theme of your chosen theme.
  • Fill in your personal details name, age, mobile number, email id, city, etc, and click on the participate now button to send your entry for the contest.

About the Club Mahindra Resort

There are more than 100 Club Mahindra Resorts in India and overseas all of which promise to offer one thing – a premier living experience that you will never forget. From the comfortable living spaces for families of all sizes and types, to the most amazing service staff that don’t leave a stone unturned to make your stay unforgettable, Club Mahindra Resorts spell unmatched hospitality service.

The locations of our resorts are carefully selected to give our guests the best of everything the place has to offer. The best scenic view, delightful local food, and a chance to indulge in numerous activities reflect local culture and traditions.

So, are you ready to take your family vacation game a notch higher and enjoy the amazing experiences at the Club Mahindra? If yes, send in your entry now!

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