A melting pot of different cultures, diverse landscapes, temples seeped in history, and bountiful natural beauty, India offers endless opportunities to explorer. With so many fascinating places in India, it is a massive challenge to narrow down five iconic places. But we compiled a list of the most unique and iconic places that are a must visit.

Loktak Lake, Manipur 

Talk about unique places in India, and Loktak Lake in Manipur deserves a spot in the top 5. Popularly known as the floating lake, it is the largest freshwater lake in the North East. It is known for its mass accumulation of organic matter and vegetation that is a source of livelihood for the local inhabitants.  

The lake is also home to the Keibul Lamjao National Park, the world’s only floating national park, housing 424 animals and more than 100 bird species. So, next time you visit Manipur, make sure that you definitely have Loktak Lake in your itinerary.  

Bara Imambara, Lucknow 

Built in the 18th Century, this grand monument is an architectural wonder. Boasting of European and Arabic style design, Bara Imambara has a massive central arched hall, which is about 50 metres high and 164 feet long. Sounds like a typical Mughal-era monument? Well, that is where this one is different and special from the rest. 

The entire roof stands on its own, without the support of any beams of pills. This gravity-defying phenomenon has attracted tourists from all over the world. Besides, there is a maze in the main hall, a mosque and verdant gardens where you can enjoy having a picnic with your family. 

Roopkund, Uttarakhand 

Imagine a glacial lake that sits about 5029 metres above sea level. Sounds surreal, right? Wait until you actually see this lake, and you would know its natural beauty would seem like you are in a different dimension altogether. Surrounded by snowy mountains and glaciers, the lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

But, wait. It is natural beauty is not the only reason why it is popular for being one of the rare places to visit in India. The main attraction of the lake lies below the surface. Take a close look at the lake bed and you would find about 600-800 human skeletons. 

Legend has it that these skeletons are the remains of the King Kannauj’s entourage who perished during the 9th Century. When the ice melts, you can clearly see the bones. As mysterious and unreal the lake is, getting here is not easy either.  

To reach here, you must from Lohajung pass, through many hamlets, glacial valleys and mountain passes. If you are looking for some adventure, nothing can beat this, the trek to the lake is considered as one of the most challenging treks in India 

Taj Mahal, Agra 

One of the most iconic monuments in India and the world, Taj Mahal is renowned globally as the greatest symbol of love. The pearl-white structure is made entirely of marbles and surrounded by four tall minarets. Its ethereal beauty has rightfully earned a place among the seven wonders of the world.  

Built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz, this stunning mausoleum is located on the banks of Yamuna River. Taj Mahal looks even more stunning on the full moon night, as its bathes in the moonlight, the radiant white structure is a cynosure to the eye! 

You can enjoy exploring the beauty of Agra at your own pace by staying at the Ramada Plaza, a Club Mahindra affiliate resort in Agra.

Golden Temple, Amritsar 

Amritsar is popular for being the home to Harmandir Sahib temple, also known as the Golden Temple, the holiest site for the Sikh community. It is rated among the iconic places in India for its ethereal beauty, and rich history. The temple gets its name because its walls and the domes are completely decorated in gold. Boasting of a unique blend of Hindu and Islamic style design, the temple attracts pilgrims and tourists of all religions.  

Apart from its stunning beauty and splendid design, visitors come here to enjoy the free lunch, known as Langar, which is distributed as prasad. More than 1 lakh people eat at the temple every day, and the kitchen literally functions round the clock. What is more interesting is that many tourists and pilgrims who come here volunteer to work here and serve others.  

So, there you have the list of most iconic places in India, which one excites you the most. You can share your experiences visiting the places in the comments section, we would be happy to hear your Iconic story. 

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