Finland is not just any other country in the world. If you have visited the country before, or if you are planning to visit soon, you must know it is world of unbelievable experiences. From the crystal-clear lakes that are almost mirror-like to the vast land of snow, Finland is one of nature’s best gems that is waiting to be discovered and explored.

No matter what your age, you would surely love visiting this beautiful land. There are an infinite number of best places to visit in Finland, and it can be tough to pick just a few. From the moment you land in the country till you leave (with thoughts of coming back), you will have great fun every day! 

With the Independence Day of Finland just around the corner, which is celebrated on 6th December, now would be the perfect time to visit the country. It is a great time to explore the various beautiful places, and witness Independence Day celebrations.

Best places to see in Finland

Although Finland is a small country, rest assured, sightseeing in Finland will be exciting and fun.

  • Santa Claus Village
  • Northern Lights
  • Aland
  • Porvoo
  • Savonlinna
  • Helsinki 

Santa Claus Village 

There are amusement parks, and then there is Santa Claus Village, probably the most beautiful amusement park in the world. It is Finland's own version of Disneyland, only prettier! Nestled in the snowy mountains of Lapland, Santa Claus Village is a spectacle like no other you may have seen anywhere in the world.

Boasting of reindeer sledges, an igloo hotel, ice restaurants, and safaris, no matter what your age is, you would surely find something that interests you. Your trip to Finland would be incomplete without visiting this surreal place. Pack your bags, and get going already! 

Northern Lights

Unarguably one of the most spectacular natural sights you would see anywhere in the world, Northern Lights is a testimony to nature’s mystery. Ideally visible between September and March in the Finnish Lapland, Northern Lights are a visual treat that sends the onlookers into a state of trance.

Mystical, magical and surreal, the northern lights are one of the best places for sightseeing in Finland. If you have to extend your travel in Finland just to accommodate seeing this magnificent sight, it would be worth it, we guarantee! 


A nature’s paradise, many people from all over the world come here to relax amidst nature and enjoy the picturesque scenery all around. Aland is a group of quaint islands, and it is popularly referred to as nature lover’s refuge.

It is also one of the best places in the country to experience the unique and exquisite culture of Finland through its open-air and maritime museum. If your holiday agenda is to relax, and get wonderfully lost in paradise, Aland is the place to be!


One of the most historical cities in Europe, Porvoo’s history dates back to more than 600 years, making it one of the most mediaeval settlements in the country. The town’s square, which is a popular tourist attraction was made on the direct orders of the Swedish masters that once resided here. 

Throughout the city, you can find traces and glimpses of the Danish and Russian invaders who tried to take over the city. Another must-visit attraction in the city is the Porvoo Cathedral, which also finds its mention in the history of Finland. 


Over the past few years, Savonlinna has become one of the most visited cities in Finland's tourism map. The city has attracted the attention of local and foreign tourists, thanks to Olavinlinna Castle. Like other castles in Europe, it has an extremely alluring exterior, and is known to host ballet festivals and opera frequently.

If you have never seen an opera, this is one of the best places to experience; it will surely go down as one of the most unique and memorable experiences of your life. The city also has an open-air theatre, underground caves and galleries, all of which are worth every minute you spend there!


This beautiful city, and the capital of Finland, is one of the most popular tourist places in Finland. The city is a complete contrast to Lapland and is the perfect representation of a modern European city. It is a true-blue city that has a bustling environment, replete with modern landscapes and vibrant outlook. 

Here you can enjoy taking a leisurely stroll around the streets, exploring the local markets, visiting the street-side cafés and restaurants to get a taste of the local cuisine and enjoy a Ferry ride. 

Where to stay in Finland?

Finland is known as the happiest country in the world, and for good reason. The land that is blessed with surreal natural beauty all around, it is only natural that the locals and tourists feel happy to be just under the sun! 

You can explore this magnificent country and amazing new experiences by booking your stay at one of the resorts in Finland hosted by Club Mahindra. Here you can experience the best hospitality and indulge in exclusive experiences that would make your stay in the country better in every possible way!

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