Most people wonder if Sikkim is worth a visit – that’s actually like wondering if sugar is sweet, or if dogs are happy when they wag their tails! Sikkim is gorgeous and so welcoming, that you will wonder why you never made the trip before. Once you are there, you will feel like visiting again and again.

Assuming that you have never been to Sikkim before, here are a few reasons to pencil it in your ‘To Visit’ list of places in India:

* The mountains here (literally) touch the skies: You can access the Himalayan mountain range from Sikkim. In fact, the highest peak in India, Kanchenjunga, is located here and you can actually start climbing it from the State (the base camp is located here). The mountains are a beautiful sight to behold.

* Get your dose of spirituality: Some of the oldest monasteries and temples in India are located in Sikkim. If you need some mental peace, Sikkim is the place to be. You can tour the monasteries, see how the monks go about their daily lives, and even sit and soak in the tranquil atmosphere to calm your nerves.

* There are not many people about: Sikkim is one of the few States in India that has a low population. This is good news for you if you don’t like crowded places when you are on holiday.

* The local food is extraordinary: Sikkim’s best kept secret is its cuisine. Sample some succulent momos, dim sums, thukpa, wontons and fried rice cooked in traditional spices, in some of the best restaurants in Sikkim.

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The Best Time To Visit Sikkim

The States in the North East part of India are known for their stunning beauty, warm people and many tourist locations to explore. However, your vacation will be made doubly wonderful when you choose the right time to visit Sikkim. Here are a few pointers, season-wise:

* Visiting Sikkim in the summer: Sikkim tourism guides often advise potential tourists to make their trip to the State in the summer season. The summer months in Sikkim are seen from March to May, with a smaller summer season falling between the months of October and early December. These are the ideal months for a Sikkim holiday. The weather is wonderful during this time, making it possible to complete your sightseeing plans without a hitch. The main summer season brings a lot of bloom to Sikkim – the valleys and peaks are full of green cover and sweet-smelling flowers. You will love walking about and trekking in this season. Meanwhile, all of Sikkim is up for welcoming tourists during this time. You will have to book early to get a good Sikkim resort and also flight tickets to reach here.

* Visiting Sikkim in the monsoon season: Sikkim receives intermittent rainfall but the showers can be pretty intense. The rain showers here can force you to stay indoors till the water recedes. However, Sikkim becomes even more stunning during this time, as the green cover of the place increases manifold. But some tourist places might be closed, and there is a possibility of poor visibility on the roads.

* Visiting Sikkim in the winter: The winter in Sikkim is a time of cold days and nights. Post-December up to end of January, it can become really chilly and make it difficult to step out in the evening hours. Instead, time your visit to coincide with the months of October and November, which is considered a sort of autumn season here. This is the time when there are famous cultural festivals held here, like the Maniram Bhanjyang Tourism Festival, the Red Panda Winter Festival and also the Cherry Tea Festival. Since not many people prefer to visit during the cold season, you can find a wider choice in accommodation and flight tickets. Do book your Sikkim resort on time and with a leading name in the hospitality space to enjoy your vacation much more.

How To Reach Sikkim

There are three ways to reach Sikkim. They are:

* By Air: This is by far the fastest way to reach Sikkim. Take a flight from your city to the Pakyong Airport in Pakyong Town, which is located about 35 km from Gangtok, the State capital. Pakyong Airport has many daily flights from many parts of the country, but services are sometimes disrupted during the monsoon season. However, there are very few direct flights from most cities, so you will have to book connections via Bagdogra Airport from West Bengal. This airport is located about 124 km away from Pakyong, so here’s an idea: you could extend your trip by a day and drive down to Pakyong from Bagdogra. It’s a beautiful drive that can be completed in a day.

* By Road: Many travellers prefer to travel to Sikkim by road. It is one of the top destinations for road trips in India, with both car drivers and bikers making the journey from other cities and States. You can reach Sikkim by road via Bagdogra in West Bengal – this is a good connection because Bagdogra is connected to most of the major highways in this part of the country. You can take the NH13A and reach Sikkim from Bagdogra in just a few hours. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to drive but still take the road route, you can book tickets on buses plying from Bagdogra to Sikkim. There are both buses and private cabs to choose from, going from Bagdogra, New Jalpaiguri, Kalimpong and Darjeeling, to name a few cities.

* By Railway: It is also possible to reach Sikkim by railway. The major railway heads are located near Siliguri and Gangtok-New Jalpaiguri. You can find long distance trains from Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal connecting to these rail heads. The frequency is weekly or fortnightly, so look up Sikkim tourism guidebooks for more information before booking tickets. From these rail heads, you can take a taxi to your resort, or have the resort send you a car for pick-up.

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The Best Places To Visit In Sikkim During Your Holiday

Sikkim is so full of natural beauty and scenic vistas on every side, that you will feel like you are in the middle of a postcard! The countryside is full of bloom and the sweet scent of flowers. Meanwhile, there are many wonderful tourist places to visit in Sikkim that you certainly cannot miss out on. Here’s some help in planning your itinerary, though you can also the resort for suggestions and transport to get there. Here are our recommendations to get you started:

Places to Visit Sikkim - Khecheoplari Lake Places to Visit Sikkim - Namchi

* Khecheoplari Lake: The verdant green surroundings of the Khecheopalri Lake make this one of the must-visit places in Sikkim. Many local residents and almost all tourists make a beeline for this lake on their day off, just to relax or have a picnic. There are many interesting legends associated with this lake that a local guide can tell you more about. From a certain vantage point, the Lake looks like a gigantic footprint – the local residents believe that the footprint was made in the Earth by Goddess Tara, the protector of Sikkim. In her footprint the water settled after the rain. It is a holy site for the local residents, so take care not to litter the area or worse, spit in the lake.

Namchi: Another superb place to visit in Sikkim, Namchi is a village that has several attractions within itself. You cannot go to Sikkim without exploring Namchi fully. The best thing to do in Sikkim is to visit the famous Namchi Rock Garden and the nearby Ralong Monastery. You can see many interesting flowers such as the Lilium, irises, orchids, and amaryllis, and manmade lakes at the rock garden. Also make a pit stop at the pretty Temi Tea Garden, where you can watch how tea leaves are processed and packed in front of your eyes. The finest teas are picked and made here, and you can buy some to take back home. Also go to the statuesque Samdruptse Hill close by and check out the large Buddha statue there – it is worth the uphill walk.

Places to Visit Sikkim - Pelling Places to Visit Sikkim - Yuksom

Pelling: The Kanchenjunga Peak, or Khangchendzonga as it is locally called, is accessible from Sikkim. Specifically, you have to head there from Pelling, which is a scenic place to visit in Sikkim even without the attractions of the peak on offer. There is a Khangchendzonga Festival held here during the spring, which is all about celebrating Sikkimese culture and also encouraging tourists with adventure sports like mountain biking and white water rafting.

Chakung Watch Tower: This is one of the highest viewing points in the area, and one of the most important places to visit in Sikkim. Venture up the watch tower only if you don’t mind huffing and puffing to the top: it’s a steep climb, so don’t say you weren’t warned! But the views from the top make all the toil worth it. Located in pretty Baiguney village, the watch tower is a must-visit spot in the area during sunrise. You will not believe the sheer beauty of the area as the first rays of the Sun touch the Kanchenjunga Peak and make it appear golden!

* Yuksom: Yuksom is a little village and one of the most wonderful places to visit in Sikkim. It has some of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim, and is a largely rustic location untouched by the march of civilisation. If you want to spend some quiet time exploring the wilderness with your partner, then you should head to Yuksom and make a day of it. There is also a moderately challenging trekking trail if you fancy some trekking on your holiday. If you hire a Sikkim tourism guide, you can learn about the many legends associated with Yuksom, such as the stories about Khecheopalri Lake, and the history of the region and how so many monasteries are located here. During your walk, you will see red pandas and sloth bears during the autumn and winter.

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Where To Stay In Sikkim

Your holiday in Sikkim will be made especially memorable if you book yourself and your companions into a wonderful Sikkim resort. After a full day of exploration, you don’t want to return to a cramped, poorly lit and badly decorated room! Instead, you want to take a long shower, have a leisurely dinner and fall asleep in a luxurious bed. You can get all this and more when you book yourself into the Club Mahindra Baiguney resort in Sikkim.

This unique Club Mahindra property offers you with several experiences to savour and many memories to take back with you. Explore the premium accommodation options (suites and rooms with magnificent views), on-site amenities like the gym, swimming pool, spa and designated recreation spaces for children too.

The Club Mahindra Baiguney, Sikkim Resort even offers you the chance to bond with the family over a game of chess or badminton, or to simply lounge in the lobby chatting with each other, or hang out at the café. They provide board games and hobby kits for your pleasure. If you want to step out, ask the resort to arrange outdoor activities like nearby exploration, trekking, bird-watching, football or cricket – this way, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you like, you can join the resort’s unique nature trails and walks to nearby heritage attractions like Chakung, Khecheopalri Lake, Namchi village, Yuksom village, Pelling, and so on.

If it’s a memorable Sikkim holiday you seek, you shall get it with Club Mahindra Baiguney Resort in Sikkim. Book today!


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