Nestled in the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a scenic district in Kerala which is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination. Lush tea plantations, deciduous forests, abundant wildlife, gushing waterfalls, ancient dilapidated temples, marvelous forts…there’s a lot to explore in Wayanad. Whether you’re on your honeymoon, a solo traveller backpacking across the country, or planning a trip with your friends and family, there is something for everyone in this picturesque location. 


Best time to visit Wayanad

This lovely hill town offers varied experiences during different seasons. Before you plan your trip to Wayanad, you might want to check out which season would be best suited for your likes and preferences.

Summers in Wayanad

The summer season in Wayanad is from March to May and the temperature can go up to 37 degrees Celsius. Daytime during the summer season can be warm but the nighttime is pleasant. 

Monsoon in Wayanad

Wayanad receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon. The season lasts from June to September and the temperature falls up to 25 degrees Celsius. The cold mist in the air, lush greenery, and gushing waterfalls make monsoon one of the best times to visit Wayanad.

Winters in Wayanad

Winters in Wayanad are pleasant with temperature ranging between 18 to 28 degrees Celsius. December to February is considered the best time to visit Wayanad.

Things to do in Wayanad

There is something for every kind of traveller in Wayanad. Wayanad is a pilgrimage spot with many beautiful churches, mosques, and temples throughout the district. This makes it a great place for those who are spiritually inclined. Wayanad offers a lot of greenery and natural beauty which is perfect for nature-lovers. Those who are interested in knowing more about the flora and fauna of the area can visit the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. If you’re a history and architecture buff, you can visit the Edakkal Caves. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can also try various adventure sports. 

Best places to visit in Wayanad

Wayanad has a mix of natural beauty, adventure, and historical and religious monuments. There are many places to explore on your Wayanad trip. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Wayanad

Edakkal Caves

The Edakkal Caves draw archaeology and history students from around the world. The caves are from the prehistoric era, and the carvings inside them are said to be from 6000 B.C. There are two chambers inside the cave. The lower chamber is 18 feet long. The upper chamber is 96 feet long. 

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers alike. The island is a protected river delta with the dense popularity of some of the most unique and rare flora and fauna species. There are bamboo bridges and many species of trees on the island that you may not have heard of before!

Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty is a three-tiered waterfall that is a hidden gem in Wayanad. Adventure junkies from across the world come to see this marvelous wonder. It’s a 2 km trek through the dense forests to reach this beautiful spot. It may be a challenging hike, but it sure is worth it! 

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

The second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of over 300 sq. km. It is home to many large animals like elephants, bison, deers, tigers, and also some birds. The sanctuary has a variety of rare species of flora and fauna that are fascinating, especially for those who are interested in nature and wildlife.

Ripon Tea Factory

Spread across 443 hectares, Ripon Tea Factory is one of the oldest tea estates in Kerala. Established in the 18th century by the British, this estate is known to produce some of the most extravagant tea. You can visit the factory and learn more about the tea-making process. End the tour with a hot cuppa with the view of the lush greenery.

Jain Temple

It is said that the Jain temple in Wayanad was built in the thirteenth century. There is a Mahavir Jain statue in the inward section with an open verandah. This temple is one of the major attractions in Wayanad. 

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The list of places to visit in Wayanad is never-ending! This beautiful hill town has a lot of natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Plan your trip to Wayanad and explore the wonders of the South


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