Are you looking for a travel guide to Coorg, - a quaint town enclosed by mist and fog, which when cleared away, reveals winding pathways through dense forests? Then you have the landed the right place. Coorg or Kodagu to the locals, is a place that will entice you with its picturesque landscapes, wooded slopes, and a lingering scent of wet mud and flora. You cn experience Coorg in any season, Coorg in summer has it’s own charm while spring and winter gives you a different feeling. But beautiful sceneries are not all that this coffee county has to offer. A trip to Coorg also exposes you to traditional Kodagu jewellery, spice and coffee plantations, wild honey, and rich cultural history.

Best time to visit Coorg

Coorg tourism states that the town experiences an average temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius year round so you can visit Coorg any season depending upon your preferences. To indulge in adventure activities and hiking in Coorg, opt for a visit between October and March. Coorg in summer brings to bloom the jasmine-like coffee flowers. Those who fancy romantic strolls along these subtly aromatic pathways can choose to holiday during this season.

Places to visit in Coorg:

From waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries to forts and temples, Coorg tourism has much to offer. Have a few adventure seekers amidst you? Well, then Coorg can offer you a bunch of interesting places you can see and fun activities that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Here are some places you must visit in Coorg during your family vacation.

• Nagarahole National Park in Coorg

Named for the river that flows through the national park, Nagarahole in Kannada refers to ‘snake-like river’. This is the country’s first biosphere reserve, and the forest department conducts regular tours for visitors for which you can sign up. Get ready to spot bison, sambhar, wild boars, elephants, and the occasional tiger or panther.

• Abbey Falls in Coorg


With chilling water gushing down from a height of 70 feet, Abbey Falls in Coorg is best experienced in the monsoon, between July and October. Take in this mesmerising view from the hanging bridge or jump in for a swim – the experience is exhilarating.

• Madikeri Fort in Coorg

One of Madikeri tourism’s most prominent attractions is this 19th-century fort. Situated in the centre of Madikeri (often known as the Scotland of India), it comprises a temple, a prison, chapel, and an archaeological museum. Initially made of mud, it was later rebuilt in granite after an invasion by Tipu Sultan. One of the top tourist destinations in Coorg, the Fort provides a beautiful view of Madikeri.

• Dubare Elephant Camp in Coorg

Another popular tourist destination in Coorg, this elephant camp borders the Dubare forest, on the banks of river Kaveri. It is essentially a site where elephants are kept for about 6-8 months. The local mahouts use these elephants for various activities, including elephant rides for tourists visiting the camp. If you are into water sports, you can engage in river rafting.

Things to do in Coorg

A trip to Coorg is synonymous with coffee plantation tours, boat rides on the backwaters and gorging on delicious local delicacies. However, there are so many other activities you can enjoy here from treks along surreal landscapes to getting drenched under shimmering falls, adventure activities to shopping, lazing around and just taking in the view and more.

• Treks and adventure in Coorg

Coorg offers multiple locations for a trek, some of which include Brahamageri, Tungpare, Thadiyandamol, and Pushpageri. Honnamana Kere is a popular hiking and rock climbing spot in Coorg, and its lake is perfect for boating or a relaxing stroll.

• Go shopping in Coorg

Coorg is an excellent place to buy some quality locally grown coffee, wild honey, pepper, cardamom. Or take home souvenirs in the form of traditional Kodagu jewellery. In addition to these, you can also find spice shops that offer a variety of high quality spices at competitive prices. And if you are looking for a bit of indulgence, try the chocolates – they are sinfully delicious.

• River rafting in Coorg

Misty mountain views are not all that this cool hill station has to offer. River rafting in Coorg is a popular activity in this region, especially for travellers with an adventurous streak. The rocky terrain and ample rainfall provides challenging levels of rafting for both, novices and seasoned rafters.

You can sign up for a rafting session at either Dubare’s Cauvery river in Coorg, which is usually recommended for beginners or the more challenging Barapore river, which provides you with one of the most stimulating rafting experiences in Southern India.

What you need to know:

Coorg offers two types of rafting

White water rafting in Coorg- This usually takes place during the monsoon when the heavy rains provide ample water and the streams are continuously flowing. The best time to experience white water rafting in Coorg is between mid - July and October.

Still water rafting in Coorg - This is before the onset of the monsoon, when the waters are calm and the streams are devoid of strong currents. The most suitable time to experience still water rafting in Coorg is between October and July.

• Paragliding in Coorg

You may have experienced Coorg’s green plantations, its clear water rivers and serene views from the ground. But what’s the view like from the top? Looking down at the valley from the viewpoints isn’t really the same as soaring high above the hills!

Ponnampet in Coorg offers paragliding experiences for up to 30 minutes. Here, you can fly at an altitude of 5000 feet and take in the region’s beauty with a bird’s eye view and the sound of the rushing wind in your ears.

How to Reach Coorg

By Air:

Located about 160km away, Mangalore International Airport is the closest domestic airport. From there you can book a tourist taxi or cab to Coorg.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is 100km away in Mysore.

By Bus: Buses frequently shuttle between Kodagu and nearby cities like Mangalore and Mysore.

By Road: Drive down with family and make this holiday a road trip to Coorg.

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