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You may have heard of the term ‘heaven on earth,’ right? Its origin may have been inspired from the surreal and enthralling beauty of Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. If you have not been there yet, let us tell you that the best time to visit Spiti is summer. You must surely travel to this place once in your lifetime to explore the places to visit in Spiti and your life will change forever, we bet!  

Known to be one of the most barren places in India, it is aptly called the ‘cold desert.’ The terrain here is rough, but the landscape is equally stunning and is no less than a paradise. The valley is surrounded by gorgeous gorges and ravines that are just picture perfect. Its jaw-dropping natural beauty will surely leave you mesmerised and send you in a state of trance.  

If you are planning a trip to Spiti Valley to explore the beauty of rugged mountains and the natural bends on the hills, you must be careful about the timing of the visit so that you have the best holiday experience. Here is a complete guide on the best time to visit Spiti Valley.

This travel guide to Spiti also includes information on:  

  • Places to visit in Spiti Valley
  • Things to do in Spiti Valley
  • Other attractions near Spiti Valley

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Visiting Spiti Valley in Summer (March to June)

The summer season, especially May, is the best month to visit Spiti Valley. It is the peak tourist season as the valley has the most pleasant climatic conditions during the summer months. At this time of the year, the weather is ambient, and it hardly drops below 15 degrees Celsius.

The days are bright yet not too hot, providing the perfect setting for sightseeing and indulging in various outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, camping, and trekking. Several tourist operators organise treks in May and based on your physical fitness, you can choose the trek. 

If you are visiting Spiti in May, make sure that you include Pin Valley National Park, Dhankar Monastery, Chandralal Lake, and Kunzum Pass in your itinerary. 

Visiting Spiti Valley in Winter (October to February)

If you are planning to visit Spiti in the winter season between October and February, you may be up for some serious challenges. But if you are ready to have the most adventurous time of your life and willing to overcome the obstacles created by nature, you can be sure to have the best time and experiences you will ever have in your life. 

The mesmerising natural landscape of Spiti is also home to some of the most exotic wildlife on earth, such as the Snow Leopards that rule the high mountains and roam around freely. These fascinating predators are also the star attraction of the region and many people come here just to have a glimpse of nature's beautiful creations. 

If you wish to see the Snow Leopards, be ready to face many challenges along the way. First and foremost, the roads leading up to the valley may be blocked or difficult to drive through due to snow. If you are on a bike trip, you should be very careful while riding as the road may be unsafe. All-in-all, winter may not be the best season to visit Spiti, but if you have a daring spirit, you may just have the best adventure and memories for a lifetime. 

Visiting Spiti Valley in Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon season in Spiti Valley can be erratic as the region is known to receive incessant and torrential rainfall between July and September. Also, the instances of landslides are quite rife during these months. So, the monsoon may not be the best season to visit Spiti Valley as you may risk getting stuck in the middle of the road for several days and you may not even get to enjoy the gorgeous view the place is known for. 

While the weather is pleasant during the season, the place becomes inhospitable due to heavy rains and the risk of other natural calamities. 

Best Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

Many ardent travellers and trekking enthusiasts have Spiti Valley on their bucket list. The rugged and mind-bogglingly beautiful landscape of the region can satisfy your wanderlust wishes. The glistening lakes, snow-laded peaks, stunning glaciers, quaint hamlets, and the green meadows make up the valley’s landscape. 

Spiti valley is beautiful at every turn and there are plenty of sightseeing attractions that will interest everyone in your family. You can spend an entire year here and yet you may not have enough of this place. The charming landscape of the region will tempt to you stay longer than you wanted and just revel in its beauty. 

But if you are on a short trip or visiting this little paradise for the first time, here are some best tourist places to visit in Spiti. 

  • Key Monastery

Popularly referred to as ‘Kye Gompa’ by the locals, Key Monastery is in the Kaza region overlooking the Spiti Valley. It is one of the biggest Gompas in the region and houses a magnificent Buddha shrine. 

The fort-like structure of the monastery and the stunning architecture that has a conspicuous Chinese theme make it one of the most popular places to visit in Spiti Valley. Almost every online and offline travel guide to Spiti will definitely feature Key Monastery as one of the must-visit places. 

  • Chandratal

A place that epitomises nature’s mysterious beauty, Chandratal’s beauty is beyond any words can express. One of the most spectacular places on earth, Chandratal gets its name from its crescent-like shape. The gorgeous lake near Kunzum Pass is every nature lover’s and photographer’s haven. 

The crystal-clear blue water, surrounded by the stunning snow-white mountains and the clear sky provide the perfect filter for some epic photographs that you can boast for the rest of your life. If you have always dreamt of camping in nature and up on the hills, you can go camping on the banks of the lake; it is the most pristine setting.

  • Kunzum Pass

Perched comfortably at a height of 4590 metres, the Kunzum mountain pass connects Kullu and Lahaul Valley with Spiti Valley. The Kunzum pass is an important place on the valley’s map and home to the Chandrabhaga Range that you can visit by trekking from the Chandratal lake. 

  • Pin Valley National Park

If you visit Spiti Valley, you cannot miss seeing this natural wonder. Located on the banks of the semi-frozen stream, the Pin Valley National Park is a rich bio reserve and home to some of the most rare and endangered flora and fauna, including the Snow Leopards, Siberian Ibex, Snow Cocks and Chukar Partridges. The stunning backdrop of the Himalayan mountains ranges only add to the ethereal charm of the place, making it one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley. 

  • Triloknath Temple

One of the most important spiritual places in the Spiti Valley region, the temple holds great value and importance to the locals and tourists. Located in Tunde village, the temple is perched on a cliff overlooking the valley and offers the most amazing panoramic view of the surroundings. 

When you are inside the temple premises, you would surely feel the spiritual vibe and a sense of calmness and peace will fill your heart and mind. After offering your prayers, you can spend some time in the temple and just bask in the serenity. 

The places mentioned above are only a few of the awesome places you must visit in Himachal Pradesh. 

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Best Things to do in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is a beautiful gem in Himachal Pradesh that is known by its moniker ‘Little Tibet.’ One of the most visited places in the state, Spiti has several attractions that interest all kinds of tourists. And there are also many things to do in Spiti that will keep your spirits high every day, and you can be sure to have plenty of new experiences that you will cherish forever. 

If you are a first-time visitor to the region, here are some of the best experiences you must have. 

  • Go river rafting in the Spiti and Pin Rivers. 
  • Pay a visit to the various monasteries in the region. The calming environment of these spiritual centres will surely fill your heart and mind with peace. 
  • Experience spending a night under the stars and go camping at the hill tops and by the shores of the lakes. 
  • Explore the various trekking trails to witness the most scenic views.
  • Visit the Pin Valley National Park and enjoy watching the wildlife in their natural habitat and click some beautiful pictures. 
  • Indulge in the delicious Himachali cuisine and enjoy tasting the local delicacies. 

Other Attractions Near Spiti Valley

While you may have to spend all your holidays exploring the magnificent Spiti Valley, if you want to explore more, you can include nearby popular towns in your itinerary. We recommend visiting Manali. It is located just about 177 km from Spiti Valley and you can easily drive to Manali.

The drive itself is scenic and is an experience that you will never forget. Along the way, take a few halts to click some pictures, adore the magnificent sights, and don’t forget to have piping hot tea and some maggi at the roadside stalls and dhabas

Once you reach Manali, you can check yourself into one of the resorts by Club Mahindra, i.e., Club Mahindra Snow Peaks or Club Mahindra White Meadows. These resorts are the most premium family resorts in Manali and guarantee you an unmatched holiday experience. 

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