Dharamshala has endless stretches of greenery set against the backdrop of lofty mountains. But that’s not all; it has much more to offer. The influx of tourists is highest during the summer, and that’s no surprise, considering it is the best time to visit Dharamshala. However, this tourist town has something to offer travellers throughout the year.

Here’s an insight into each month:


In April, the winter snow begins to melt, giving way to a gradual increase in the temperature. This marks the advent of summer. It’s the perfect weather for venturing outdoors and engaging in some sightseeing. It’s a good time for avid trekkers to climb the Triund Hills or take on the tougher trek through the treacherous but picturesque trail to Kareri Lake. All in all, this is the best time to visit Dharamshala.


The temperature averages 27 °C but could soar to as high as 35 °C. Dharamshala, McLeodganj, Naddi Village, and the trekking trail to Triund Hills come alive with wildflowers in full bloom. Resorts in Dharamshala tend to be full during this time since it is peak tourist season, so it’s best to book ahead. A popular activity is to shop in Kotwali Bazaar and Palaco Handmade Crafts (among other places) for unique souvenirs.


The first two weeks of June are still a reflection of the gorgeous summer. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities, including treks and steep climbs. Towards the second half of the month, however, one must be wary of sudden spells of rains. Although the full-blown monsoon is still some days away, occasional showers and drizzles can be expected. As the month ends, the number of tourists visiting Dharamshala tends to dwindle.

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In July it can rain for days on end. Though not too frequent, landslides are a possibility. Roads are often not in great shape. Walking trails become slippery and steep climbs are best avoided. If you are a fan of the monsoons, this is definitely the best time to visit Dharamshala. Head to a nearby cafe, sip on some piping hot herbal tea, grab a bite of something spicy, and watch the rains pelt down. Trekking trails remain closed during monsoons, but the town is safe to visit.


Many people love the monsoon. Dreamy and romantic, it can be the perfect time to visit Dharamshala with your significant other. It’s not at all suitable for expeditions or exploration though; the monsoon is best enjoyed indoors. You can probably go for small walks between the spells of rain. Since monsoon is considered off-season, resorts in Dharamshala tend to slash prices and may have incredible offers. The average temperature will be around 27 °C.


September sees a decline in the rain until it disappears. In mid-September, it is again pleasant and perfect to go sightseeing. Trekking routes open up again. Plan a fun trek with family or go paragliding over the slopes of the scenic Kangra Valley at Bir Billing or Indrunag. Other spots like Bhagsunag Falls, Naddi, Dal Lake, and the various monasteries are all accessible during this period. Light woollens will be quite enough to keep the cold at bay.


Early mornings can be nippy, with the sun warming you up as the day progresses. But the mercury dips again in the evenings. On sweltering days the temperature may shoot up to 35 °C. The lowest average for October is around 15 °C, so light woollens provide more than enough protection from the cold. The resorts in Dharamshala will be quite occupied during this time, so make sure you plan your trip well in advance.

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At this time the temperature could range from the low 20s to about 8 °C. However, there is no snowfall. Besides the love of cold weather, there is another reason to visit in November: the DIFF or Dharamshala International Film Festival. With no movie theatres in this region, the film festival tends to be very popular among both locals and visitors. It showcases some of the best independent films from around the world and draws huge crowds.


The mid-winter cold can be absolutely fantastic for people who relish it. While Dharamshala itself does not receive snowfall in December, the surrounding Dhauladhar Ranges are covered in blankets of snow. The views are no less than stunning. If you wish to experience snowfall, wait a month or two, or head higher up to Bhagsu or McLeodganj. Spending Christmas and New Year’s at a resort in Dharamshala can be enchanting.


Some snowfall will definitely occur towards the end of January. Though the season is not yet suitable for outdoor activity, it is a wonderful time to experience light snowfall. Trips to nearby places are possible, for instance to Gyuto Monastery in the heart of Dharamshala, or to Kangra Art museum. Try to keep sightseeing to a minimum and stay indoors at your Dharamshala resort while enjoying the pleasant weather.


In January, the temperatures can dip to -1 °C. However, it rises slightly above zero in February. The days are gorgeous and dreamy, often covered in mist. A visit to Dharamshala at this time can be worth it for another reason altogether: His Holiness the Dalai Lama usually spends winter here. For the spiritually inclined this can be the best time to visit Dharamshala. You might even be blessed with sunshine on a few days!

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With summer just around the corner, March is perfect for trekking and sightseeing. Kangra Valley, Palampur, paragliding at Bir Billing and Indrunag temple, Norbulingka monastery, Guna Mata and Bhagsunag temples, the cricket stadium and Andretta Village… there’s so much to check out in this glorious weather. So draw up a detailed itinerary and visit these spots to experience the local beauty and culture, and enjoy the warm hospitality.

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