Rajasthan is predominantly famous for its historic cities, fairs, rich cultural heritage and magnificent royal forts and palaces. However, the more famous tourist destinations usually overshadow many unexplored places in Rajasthan. These hidden gem attractions in Rajasthan can make you wonder about the range and diversity the state can offer in terms of tourism destinations.

Jawai is one of those less explored places in Rajasthan that can leave you completely amazed with its unique landscape comprising rivers, rocky terrains, and thriving wildlife. 

Jawai Bandh

Situated near Sumerpur town in Rajasthan's Pali district, Jawai Bandh is the region's primary claim to fame. One of the biggest artificial dams in Rajasthan, Jawai Bandh, is built on the Jawai river, a tributary to the Luni river. The main source of water supply for the Pali district, the dam also supplies water for irrigation to many villages in Pali and Jalore districts, depending on the water levels.

Jawai Wildlife

The area around Jawai bandh has thriving wildlife. To begin with, the dam has a large crocodile population. Winter season witnesses the arrival of migratory birds. However, the large population of leopards in the area makes Jawai a true hidden gem of Rajasthan

Jawai is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan for leopard sightings. The place is a safe haven for leopards as local Rebari tribe members revere them as guards of their local deity. Apart from the dam and the nearby hills, these big cats can be sighted around the village. 

However, a night safari under expert supervision can maximise your chances of spotting these magnificent beasts, as they are nocturnal animals. 

Other Places to Visit in Jawai

There are many other places to visit in Jawai after fully exploring the dam and its wildlife. 

  • Villages of Rabari Tribe

People belonging to the indigenous Rebari tribe inhabit the villages around the dam. You can easily distinguish them by their unique dress code- the men wear white kurta pyjamas, and big turbans of vibrant colours and the women cover their arms in bangles. Exploring their village and lifestyle can be one of the interesting things to do in Jawai as you get to know these amazing people and their traditions.

  • Granite Hills and Temple

Jawai has many granite hills with ancient temples carved out of Granite stone. The Devgiri temple and Kambeshwar Mahadev temple are the most popular ones. While leopards inhabit the hillocks of these temples, the priests visit the temples in the early morning to offer their prayers amidst the leopards lurking around in the nearby rock. It is said that no one has ever been harmed to date. 

The nearest airport to Jawai is Udaipur, about 150 km away. But, Jawai is well connected to Rajasthan's major cities through roads. Besides, Mori Bera Railway station is just 4 km away from Jawai. 

Travel Tip: Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort is 88 km from Jawai Bandh. So, you can plan your Jawai visit as an extension of your Kumbhalgarh itinerary. Stay at this majestic resort and explore the magnificent fort city of Kumbhalgarh. On your second leg of the tour, explore Jawai and its adjoining places.


So, next time you plan a trip to Rajasthan, look beyond the typical tourist hotspots and visit Jawai. You’ll be mesmerised by the beauty of this offbeat location in Rajasthan.


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