River rafting is a wonderful adventure sport that can give you thrills and an experience of a lifetime. There are many places in India for river rafting where you can enjoy participating in this adventurous sport. A popular place for river rafting in India is Kolad in Maharashtra.  

Located just about 120 kms from Mumbai in Raigad district Kolad is one of the famous places in Maharashtra, Kolad river rafting takes place in the Kundalika River, one of the fastest flowing rivers in India. Surrounded by pristine natural landscape, even if you are not an adventure enthusiast, you can just come here to revel in its scenic beauty.  

If you are planning a trip to Kolad to enjoy river rafting, the following guide will come in handy. 

Best time to go to Kolad for river rafting

Although you can enjoy river rafting at Kolad throughout the year, monsoon is the best time. During monsoon, the river’s flow is the fastest and swiftest and the rapids are almost overflowing. It takes a lot of strength to stay afloat in the water, but it is sure to give you a whole new level of adventurous experience. 

The weather in the quiet hamlet is humid throughout the year. However, when it rains, between June and September, the temperature drops, and it is cool and pleasant. 

Rapid Grades 

Whether you are trying river rafting for the first time or you have done it before, you must be aware of the types of Rapids at Kolad rafting. 

Grade 1 – The first grade is getting prepared for the rafting experience. The instructor will tell you about the important signs you must watch out for during the rafting and the techniques of river rafting. The instructor will also tell you about the safety equipment. 

Grade 2 – At this point, the instructor will glide the raft in the river. The speed is slow and you must manoeuvre the raft using the techniques you learnt and get the feel of rowing in the river.  

Grade 3 – At this level, you will encounter the roaring river and you must be prepared and hold on tightly to your raft as you would surely meet with unexpected drops. You must beat the wave to keep yourself and the raft afloat and keep moving forward. Teamwork is vital here and you must all row simultaneously.  

Grade 4 – This takes place during the monsoon when the river is the most ferocious and the flow is rapid. You must apply every bit of skill to keep your raft floating in the water. It can get dangerous but that is what makes the Kolad water rafting so thrilling and exciting.

Is river rafting at Kolad safe? 

The rapids in Kolad are fast, especially during the monsoon season. However, you need not worry about safety, as it is completely safe. The organisers here use only the highest quality safety gear and you are always accompanied by the experienced swimmers and rafting experts during the raft.  

Dos and Don’ts when you go river rafting at Kolad 

  •     Always keep your life jacket while you are in the raft/water
  •     Inform the instructor/guide about your medical condition (if any) and they will advise you accordingly
  •     Always eat a good meal at least 30-40 minutes before going for the rafting. This will give you enough energy. 
  •     Stay sufficiently hydrated to avoid any risk associated with dehydration while you rafting
  •     Get all your concerns and doubts cleared with the instructors
  •     Don’t panic at any time, even if you fall in the water. The life jacket will bring you to the surface
  •     Follow the guide’s instructions carefully
  •     Don’t stand up while you are moving in the current
  •     Don’t place your feet outside the raft
  •     Don’t carry or consume alcohol before going in the water
  •     Stay relaxed and in a happy mood

Things to carry while going for river rafting at Kolad 

  •     A pair of comfortable clothes that can quickly dry
  •     Towel and change of clothes
  •     Wear sturdy sandals or shoes 
  •     Warm clothes to keep yourself protected from the cold if the temperature drops
  •     Carry a separate bag to keep all your wet clothes
  •     Good sunscreen lotion 
  •     Water bottles, dry snacks and energy bars to keep yourself full and hydrated
  •     Prescribed medications, if any 

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