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Munnar is a picture-perfect hill station. Meandering roads, astounding greenery, and misty aura - all of it impart Munnar the charm that draws thousands of visitors towards it every year. However, apart from the scenic beauty, Munnar also holds immense historical and cultural value. Therefore, when enjoying a family vacation here, make sure to explore the following historical places in Munnar to fully witness the rich heritage of Munnar.

Mount Carmel Church in Munnar

Indian hill stations have a lot in common. It goes without saying that all of them are scenic. The other common thing among them is that house an ancient church that is a splendid reminder of the bygone era. Mount Carmel Church in Munnar is one of the most important historical places to visit in Munnar. It was built in the year 1898 and is considered the first Catholic Church to have been built in the region. Come here with your little ones to help them learn the value of culture and spirituality.

Marayoor in Munnar

Located about 40km from Munnar, the town of Marayoor is the only land in Kerala that is apt for sandalwood cultivation. This fragrant region is inhabited by tribal folks who mainly engage in agriculture. Marayoor’s historical significance comes from the ’muniyaras,’ or stone coffins with underground tunnels that date back to the Neolithic age. These cave-like structures feature ancient paintings inside them referring to the Ramayana and Mahabharata mythologies.

Tea Museum in Munnar

More commonly known as the Tata Tea Museum, this must definitely feature in your itinerary of sightseeing in Munnar. Tea cultivation has been a part of Munnar’s history and culture since a long time and this museum depicts the same history via photographs and artifacts. A great learning opportunity for both kids and adults, here you will get to see the chronicled development in the field of tea cultivation from downright rudimentary to advanced and automatic.

Subramanyam Temple in Munnar

Dedicated to Lord Murugan, Subramanyam Temple is where you should bring your kids to teach them about spirituality and Hindu Mythology. The serene aura of the temple will give you the peace of mind you seek from God.

Where to stay in Munnar

While you enjoy all the historical locations of Munnar, why not stay in resorts that are surrounded by another historical feature of this region: tea! In order to fully enjoy your Munnar experience, stay at Club Mahindra Munnar resort in Kerala. It is one of the most-loved Munnar resorts and from here, you can access these heritage sites as well as other famous tourist spots. Added to this, you will also get to try and enjoy delicacies from the local cuisine of at the in-house restaurant of Munnar resort in Kerala.

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