India is home to many lakes. Some of these lakes are an important source of drinking water. However, do you know, in India there are many salt water lakes too? Yes, just like the sea, the salt water lake contains high levels of salt and minerals, sometimes in higher concentration than the sea. These lakes are an important source for producing salt that we use for cooking purposes. Also, the salt lakes in India make for some of the best tourist spots and you can include a visit to these lakes in your trip. Here are some of the best salt water lakes in India that are worth visiting. 

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Pulicat Lake, Nellore

 Pulicat Lake is the second largest lagoon of India. There are two things that make this lake special, its pristine natural surroundings, and the Pulicat Lake bird sanctuary, which is home to many indigenous and migratory birds, including open billed storks, flamingos, grey pelicans, painted storks, grey herons, reef herons, and many more.  

If you are an avid avifauna, you must visit this lake in October as many migratory birds come here from far away lands. Also, if you are visiting the lake in December, you can witness the Flamingo festival celebrations. The trip to Pulicat Lake is not limited to birdwatching, there are many other interesting activities that you can do in and around the lake, like fishing, boating and trekking.  

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Pangong Lake, Ladakh 

The natural beauty of Ladakh is unrivalled. On the list one many stunning places to visit in Ladakh is the Pangong Lake, which is the most beautiful salty water lake in India.  It is like no other lake that you may have seen anywhere in the world. If you are wondering what makes it so special? Well, it is its colour changing ability.  

Yes, you heard it right. The lake’s colour keeps changing throughout the year from blue to green and grey and then back to blue. So, depending on what time of the year you are visiting, you can see different colours of the lake.  

Apart from this stunning lake, Ladakh is home to many other tourist attractions. You can explore the beauty of this place at your own pace by booking your stay at The Driftwood Ladakh, one of the best resorts in Ladakh hosted by Club Mahindra. The resort could be your gateway to Ladakh’s splendour.

Lonar Crater Lake, Lonar 

The result of a meteor crashing on earth, Lonar Lake is as interesting as its story of origin. This magnificent salt water lake in Lonar, Maharashtra was created by a meteor that hit the ground and created a cavity. The beautiful natural surroundings of the lake attracts many tourists from all over Maharashtra. The lake is also a photographer’s paradise, as you can click many epic shots of the surroundings. 

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Chilika Lake, Puri 

Chilika Lake in Puri has the distinction of being the largest salty lake in Asia. A paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, this pear-shaped lake attracts many tourists from all over India. Its pristine beauty cannot be described in words; you have to visit this place to see and experience it yourself.  

You can see many small islands, lake houses and salt pans around the lake. Also, as you take a boat ride in the lake, you can see many varieties of exotic birds. Keep your camera ready as you may want to click everything around you. 

Sambhar Lake, Ajmer 

The largest saltwater lake in India, Sambhar Lake is a massive saline wetland in Ajmer that attracts tourists from all over the world. Nature lovers, wildlife photographers, bird watchers, frequent here to revel in the natural beauty of the place and click pictures of the stunning surroundings and the exotic flora and fauna that thrive here.  

The lake in itself is beautiful but what makes it even more appealing to the tourists is the mighty Aravalli mountain range that creates a picturesque backdrop. You can visit this lake anytime of the year, but the best time is the winter season as you can watch many migratory birds here, including the pink flamingos. 

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Apart from birdwatching there are other activities that you can enjoy here, such as camping by the lake. You can pitch a tent, and spend a night under the stars. Also, you can visit the Shakhambhari Temple, which is located on the southern banks of the lake. While you can enjoy the spiritual aura of the temple, the view of the lake is also a major attraction and a sight to behold.

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