Indian cuisine boasts of a rich palette of colours, tastes, and textures. While Indian food is a celebration of culture, the street food culture has pervaded into our tastebuds over the past few decades. It is different from the regular Indian restaurant fare that we are used to but delicious, nonetheless. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and try new Indian dishes. Here are 10 Indian delicacies you must try in 2022.

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1. Vada Pav

Having achieved a cult status among its fans, Vada Pav is now an inseparable part of Indian cuisine. This poor man’s burger is pure indulgence. It is light on the pocket and satiates the soul with every bite. The crunchy outer skin and spicy potato filling create a symphony of taste with tangy, sweet, and spicy chutneys, giving Vada Pav its distinct taste and character.

2. Litti Chokha

This little-known culinary gem from Bihar has long been a part of Indian cuisine. Litti Chokha is one of those Indian dishes that deserve more acclaim. The Litti is a whole-wheat ball stuffed with roasted chickpea and barley flour. Chokha is a spicy and soul comforting medley of potatoes and eggplant. You’ll rarely find this dish in any Indian restaurant or any resorts in India.

3. Poha Jalebi

This made-for-each-other union of sweet and savoury goodness is a legendary breakfast in Madhya Pradesh. The fluffy spiciness of poha beautifully complements the crunchy sweetness of the jalebi. It is a marriage made in heaven that will give you the energy to begin your day on a high. You will find this combo in all Club Mahindra restaurants across India. Go ahead, check out the unexplored side of Indian cuisine.

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4. Bikaneri Kachori

If you’re booked into any of the Club Mahindra resorts in Rajasthan, you must try the Bikaneri Kachori. While the Club Mahindra restaurants serve a delectable range of Indian cuisine, some foods taste the best in an outdoor setting. You will find several versions of Bikaneri Kachori in local markets, each one as delicious as the next. The piping hot kachori, served with sweet and spicy chutneys, is a treat for the senses.

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5. Akki Roti

Resembling a dosa, Karnataka’s Akki Roti is a crispy, fluffy delight. But do not confuse it with a dosa. It is a breakfast staple in Club Mahindra resorts of Karnataka. You will also find the Akki Roti in roadside stalls where it is a popular snack. This simple mixture of rice flour, salt, and water is a satisfying snack that is best enjoyed with chutney and hot tea.

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6. Paddu

South Indian food is perhaps the most well-known family of Indian cuisine but it’s still mostly unexplored. Paddu is a good example of this. Made from a batter of rice and black lentils, it looks strangely familiar at first glance. Fondly known as the twin of the dosa, it is steamed like an idli. Enjoy it with soothing coconut chutney and hot filter coffee.

7. Ghugni Chaat

Hailing from West Bengal, Ghugni Chaat packs a punch of flavours and textures. Such is the beauty of Indian food that even though it looks like chhole chaat, it has a distinctive taste of its own. It is cooked yellow dal that’s tossed in lemon juice and spices. Topped with chutney, grated carrots, and onions, it is a satisfying snack to enjoy on the go.

8. Chhole Bhaturey

This global representative of the Indian cuisine is easily available in restaurants and resorts in India. But legends say that you will find the best Chhole Bhaturey on the streets of New Delhi and Punjab. The deep-fried Bhatura is a rich indulgence that doubles the gratification when paired with a scoop of spicy Chhole. It is served with a side of raita, onions, and mint chutney.

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9. Tunde Kabab

Stuck with a funny-sounding name, Tunde Kabab will take you on a journey of culinary pleasure. It will surprise you with its subtle flavour profile and keep you coming back for more. A regal representative of the Shahi Awadh Culture, it is Lucknow’s favourite street food. The succulent kababs break apart easily and melt in the mouth. Wrap them in a roti for easy consumption.

10. Mirchi Bajji

Deep-fried food has long been a part of Indian cuisine. Mirchi Bajji hails from the deep-fried family and rules the street food scene in Hyderabad. Its appeal is its simplicity and of course, its taste. Though you will find it all over, the Mirchi Bajji of Hyderabad is said to be in a class of its own. Test this claim the next time you are in Hyderabad.

The list above is an eclectic mix of familiar and unknown foods. Make 2022 the year for discovering new tastes and experiences.

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