When you travel to any country, you would surely love to try the local food, right? Trying the signature dishes from the region is sure to give you a memorable and unique dining experience. And, just like there are best places to visit in each city/country, there are best dishes to try in the region.  

So, we have listed down some of the most popular dishes from around the world that you must try. 

Paella, Spain 

As scenic as the Spanish countryside is, its cuisine is equally awe inspiring. Among the many Spanish delicacies that have won the hearts of food connoisseurs world over, Paella is undoubtedly one of the best dishes around the world. 

It has its roots in Valencia, and over the years, many chefs have given it a modern twist to it. The dish is made of white rice, meat (chicken, duck), beans, clams, and is topped with different seasonings like rosemary, coriander, lemons and chillies.  

The whole dish is cooked in olive oil in a pan, and it is full of flavours. With each spoonful, you will discover a new flavour and you would want to keep going back for more.  

Pad Thai, Thailand 

Thai cuisine is rated as one of the best in the world. Known for its generous use of spice, Thai food has the perfect balance of heat, tanginess, and more importantly they are all delicious to eat. When you are in Thailand, exploring the street food of Bangkok, you would want to try everything you see, as they look colourful and extremely appetising. But, you must not miss trying the Pad Thai. 

A comfort for the locals, Pad Thai is basically a stir-fried rice dish that also has noodles, eggs, tofu, pieces of meat and a variety of sauces. The dish is usually served with roasted peanuts on top and lime wedges. You can also have a vegetarian version of the dish, which mostly features the same ingredients but no meat.  

Biryani, India


Talk about the best dishes from around the world, and you cannot possibly leave out Biryani, the undisputed king of Indian cuisine. Indian food has a huge fan base all over the world, known for its use of aromatic spices, Indian cuisine is often equated with robust flavours that are heart-warming.  

Imagine all the goodness of Indian food culture is put in a single pot, and you get Biryani. As many Indians say, Biryani is not just a dish, it is an emotion. The juicy and succulent pieces of meat, the aromatic long grains of rice, and the delicious aroma of spices  would instantly pull all the right strings in your heart, and each morsel, you would feel you are blessed by the food gods.

Kimchi, Korea 

Kimchi is a staple in every Korean household, and it is one of the famous dishes from around the world.Made from fermented vegetables such as cabbage, and radishes, and topped with seasonings like garlic, chilli powder and ginger. There are different varieties of Kimchi that are made with different ingredients, and they are all worth trying.  

Pizza, Italy 

Arguably the most popular dish from around the world, Pizza is a fine example of how good Italian cuisine is. You can get a Pizza almost everywhere but you have not tasted the real deal unless you have had a pizza in Italy.  

The most traditional Italian Pizza is made of wheat base dough, which is garnished with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil and baked at a high temperature in a wood-fired oven. However, today, you can find different varieties of pizza with different toppings, and it has become the most popular fast food in the world. 

Ramen, Japan 

When you think of Japanese food, you may immediately think of Sushi. But, Sushi may not be everyone’s favourite as it has raw fish. But, the land of the rising sun, has another culinary gem that is equally popular as Sushi if not more, and that is the humble Ramen.  

Don’t imagine the ready-to-eat ramen packet sold in the market. Ramen is a traditional Japanese dish that is made of wheat noodles and is served in a big bowl with a broth, vegetables, eggs, and chunks of meat. There are different types of Ramen with different flavours, from spicy to tangy, depending on the flavour of the broth.  

Each region in Japan has its own signature Ramen, and all of them are worth trying. On a cold evening, it is the best comfort food you can ask for.  

Apfelstrudel, Austria 

Apfelstrudel or Apple Strudel is a popular pastry dish from Austria. It is one of the most famous foods around the world, particularly in Europe. It consists of a pastry cover with apple filling inside. The filling is made with grated apples, sugar, breadcrumbs and cinnamon, which adds aroma and flavour to the dish.  

A popular snack in Europe, it is usually served with coffee or tea. The best way to try Apple Strudel is with a side of whipped cream, custard, or vanilla ice cream.  

How many of these top dishes from around the world have you tried? All these dishes alone make travelling to their country of origin worldwide. So, plan a holiday to one of these destinations and tick it off from the list. 


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