Precaution is better than cure and hence during this Covid-19 outbreak, it is best to stay home.

The Coronavirus infection has spread rapidly around the world and forced every person to stay indoors. In India, the viral disease has not yet shown the staggering number of cases that countries like Italy, China and Spain have shown. However, precaution is better than cure and hence during this Covid-19 outbreak, it is best to stay home.

As part of Coronavirus prevention measures, you are currently at home and trying to make the most of a strange situation. To this end, you decide to try cooking easy meals at home instead of consuming junk food. If you need some inspiration, here are 5 simple recipes to follow:

5 Simple Food Recipes to Try During the Covid19 Lockdown

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here’s a good breakfast idea that’s both fun and nutritious: a smoothie bowl. Try this simple and luscious strawberry banana yoghurt bowl for your next breakfast: Blend about five strawberries and one large banana with five tablespoons of fresh yoghurt. Top with oats/muesli.

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Noodles in Sauce

Who doesn’t like a plate of hearty Chinese food? If you are home quarantined or staying home during the Coronavirus lockdown, then this is the best meal recipe to try with basic ingredients. Chop up some spring onions or red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and if you have them, mushrooms and baby corn. In a pot of water, add noodles (Maggi noodles work admirably, add the tastemaker to the water) and bring to a boil. Set aside after draining the water and adding two teaspoon oil to prevent noodles from sticking. Meanwhile, add olive oil, salt, pepper, soy sauce, Schezwan sauce and tomato sauce to a pan, and some corn flour to thicken the sauce. Add the chopped veggies and allow to cook for about five minutes. Mix with the noodles and serve hot.

Pound Cake

This is a classic recipe that you can make using just four ingredients: 2 cups butter, 2 cups sugar, 9 eggs and 4 cups all-purpose flour. Cream the butter and sugar till fluffy, then add eggs one after another. Beat well till combined. Add flour gradually and mix continuously. Spread the batter on a buttered pan and bake for 80 minutes at 350°F. Allow to cool before removing from pan

Dalgona Coffee

Why have the same old cuppa when you can whip things up on the coffee front? Get with the latest Insta coffee craze, and whip up some Dalgona coffee for yourself and your family. It’s simple to do as well: whip together equal parts of sugar, hot water and instant coffee in a glass, till you get a frothy, thick mixture. Fill your cup with ice and milk, then top up with the frothy coffee foam. It’s fun, refreshing and easy to do.

Potato Vada

Have extra potatoes on hand and want a crunchy snack? Mash boiled potatoes and cook in regular masalas (the ones you use to make aloo sabzi). In a bowl, make a thick paste of gram flour and water, and dunk balls of the potatoes in it. Deep fry the potato-gram flour balls till crisp, and serve with pao and green chutney.

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